International Youth Day 2021

International Youth Day: History, Activities & How to celebrate

International Youth Day has been celebrated since 1957 and is dedicated to the youth of the world. It is a time of celebration, education, and peace. International Youth Day was created by the United Nations High Commission for Youth, which is an agency of the United Nations Department of Education, Culture, and Sports.

International Youth Day activities are an important component of United Nations programs and are a way for young people to take part in the many events that take place in different countries throughout the world. The goal of International Youth Day is to create awareness about the prevention of child marriage, to provide information and education on social issues, and to highlight children and youth around the world.

How to celebrate International Youth Day

International Youth Day was created by French President Charles de Gaulle and is celebrated every year with great enthusiasm and e motion. This particular date is the centennial celebration of World War I and World War II, the two most devastating wars in the history of mankind.

During the First World War, the United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, and France were engaged in a fierce battle against each other for control of their respective territories. After the war, they signed the Convention of Versailles, which was later referred to as the Treaties of Paris and agreed to limit their power.

International Youth Day Activities

On September 8th, International Youth Day, France, the UK, Germany, and International Youth Day host their respective International Youth Day activities and set up booths where children can have the opportunity to meet and interact with other children from various countries.

While in Paris, participants will have the opportunity to see the Eiffel Tower, the gardens of Louvre Museum, and the Picasso Museum. Participants in the various activities may also be able to visit the memorial fountain of the Battle of Ypres and witness a re-enactment of the German attack on the City of Orleans.

International Youth Day celebrations in London include a display of military parades, theatrical performances, street dances, and street food. There are numerous other activities, events, and booths displaying items related to International Youth Day in London, which visitors are encouraged to visit.

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