Huawei 5G

Huawei leading 5G smartphone transmission in Q1 with 63% market share in China

The 2020 year is most 5G smartphone release year. This 5G technology is going mainstream, cause the price of 5G smartphone is decreasing, and it making a new way. Nowadays, everyone can buy a 5G smartphone with 2000 yuan, which is equal to $286. When the Samsung brand is increasing its 5G smartphone share market price in the U.S, but the Chinese share market increasing by Huawei. But not only China, it globally increasing.

CNMO makes a statement, where they say Huawei cloud 5G innovation submit that time the company announced that in Q1 2020 in china, they reach the 63 % share market for the 5G smartphone shipment. And overall 40% is global, it is a huge success for the Huawei brand. Huawei also says that in the first period of the year they send 15 million units of 5G mobile phones. And with these numbers, the South Korean company build the Samsung to the first position.

In this 5G technology add many features such as game-changer, increase internet speed, cloud computing, AI, and more. With this 5G technology, being developed in many countries, and they start it for commercial business. There are many countries that start 5G smartphone transmissions such as China, the USA, and South Korea.

Nowadays, every country tries to work for this 5G smartphone business, cause day by day this 5G smartphone cost goes down. That’s why every country can attend to this business, and build up their business very much. And we can realize in the near future, the 5G smartphone getting launch very much, that time every phone became similar to a 5G smartphone.

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