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HSC exam latest news in 2020. This year HSC exam will not be held, this news is declared by the education prime minister Dr. Dipu Moni. The result will be published by monitoring the JSC and SSC result. After monitoring the result of SSC and JSC, they will publish the result in December 2020. The education prime minister Dipu Moni needs a virtual briefing at 1 p.m. and the news is confirmed by the education prime minister.

The journalist asked the prime minister that what will happen to those, who change the department like science to business and business to science. The prime minister says that they will arrange a specialist committee who monitoring the matter, and they will publish the result as soon as possible. This committee will be maintained by the Dhaka education board chairman and Dhaka university and medical college specialist. And they will publish the information within November.

The education prime minister says she made the decision to think about the all HSC candidate and their family health protection. And shifting to manage the exam result in different ways. Normally, all HSC candidates already done there two exams such as SSC and JSC. That’s why there is a chance to monitoring their past result.

Journalists asked the education prime minister, some of the students get prepared very well. That’s why they monitoring the SSC and JSC exam result. There is no better way to get an HSC exam solution. Before time, we manage two students on 1 bench. In this COVID-19 situation, I think you manage the seating plan on one bench, one student. If you complete the tasks, we need more exam centers.

And it is very difficult for us. And any student family if affected by COVID-19 then how will create the situation can you imagine? That’s why we think to postponed the HSC exam 2020. If you look at the other countries’ education system, they already declared they will not get any exam. So, that’s why we called the HSC exam postponed.

Normally, the SSC exam will be held on every year in April month. But the COVID-19 patient increases hugely that’s why the education board called lockdown every education organization. And if the exam will be held on this year, around 13 lakh students will attend this exam.

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