HSC Admission Payment System 2019

The XI Class Admission Result 2019 has been published! So many students got admission in different colleges. So, they need to get them self admit there. To admit they need to pay a fixed amount which is different in different colleges. So, here we are going to describe all the information about the HSC College Admission Payment System 2019. We have added Sonali Bank Sonali Sheba, Sure Cash Payment, bKash Payment, Teletalk Prepaid Mobile Phone by SMS.

Students asked us to describe the process How to Pay HSC College Admission Fee 2019. Some of the students also asked us about College Admission Complete fee Payment system 2019. Here we have shared very informative instructions for the students who just passed the SSC exam and trying to get admitted to a college.

XI Class Admission Fee Payment 2019 by Sure Cash

Now, we are also sharing the process of HSC College Admission 2019 by Sure Cash. You have to pay 195 Taka as admission fee. You must follow the process below to complete your College Admission fee Payment 2019 by Sure Cash.

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HSC Admission Fee Payment System 2019 by Sure Cash

HSC Admission Fee Payment 2019 by bKash

Users of bKash have the advantage of using bKash. They can pay the XI Class Admission fee 2019 by bKash. You can also use the bKash mobile App to pay the fee quickly. Try the instructions below to pay the fee correctly! We are sharing the payment process using the bKash App!

  1. Open your bKash App.
  2. Select the option “Pay Bill”
  3. Now, choose “XI Class Admission” from list of biller in bKash App.
  4. After that, Type the payment code. The payment code format is “BoardYearRoll”. Example: DHA2019456789.
  5. Now, enter your contact number there.
  6. Click on the “Allow” button.
  7. Enter your bKash PIN number.
  8. Tap and hold on the “Pay Bill” button to complete payment.

That’s all you have to do when using the bKash App to pay the HSC College Admission fee 2019.

College Admission Fee Payment 2019 by Teletalk SMS System

Here we are going to share the process of College Admission fee 2019 Payment by Teletalk SMS System. Follow the instructions below.

  1. Go to your mobile message option.
  2. Now, type “CAD” and give space.
  3. After that, type “First three letters of Board name” and give another space.
  4. Now, type the “SSC Roll Number” and then type the “Year”.
  5. The SMS format of the above steps will be seen like this “CAD DHA 456789 2019”
  6. The SMS format is “CAD Board Roll Year”.
  7. After all, send the message to 16222 number.

After that, you will get a return SMS from 16222 with a “PIN Number”. After that send another message to complete the payment. You to pay 212 Taka totally (195 Taka admission fee + service charge) from your Teletalk prepaid account. Type another message in the format below-

CAD <space> YES <space> PIN Number <space> Contact Number.

After completing the procedure your payment will be completed. That is the process to send the message of HSC Admission Fee Payment System 2019 by Teletalk SMS.

You can also pay the fee by Sonali Bank Sonali Sheba but it is not a simple process for a student to do. So, we recommend you to follow the process that we have shared above.

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