How to Perform Eid Ul Fitr Prayer at Home

One of the biggest festivals is EID UL FITR. Every Muslim enjoy this festival as well. EID UL FITR is here as the Muslim population of the world celebrate their most special festivals. How do you perform on EID UL FITR?

EID UL FITR is a more important occasion, cause of Ramadan. Muslims make Iftari on every evening. Ramadan is a great niyamaah for Muslims. In this Ramadan, Allah closes all the door of hell & open all the Jannat door approve by hadith. After one month of Ramadan, the festival has come in front of Muslims. Muslims are always waiting for this great festival. Muslims will be praying to continue their salat with more care on Ramadan. Muslims on Ramadan pray 5 times a day & also pray the same way every day.

They are more careful about Ramadan. Muslim’s best book Quran is landed on earth this Ramadan. The Muslims stay away from food from Morning to Evening. This Ramadan is the most important month for Muslims. The largest EID festival celebrates into people of the Islamic faith. In this most important festival, Muslims pray together during these festivals. Stay away from food on Ramadan is obliged for Muslims.

Do you know about Tarabi Salat?.

Muslims pray Tarabi Salat every Ramadan at night. The Tarabi salat is more important in the Ramadan. Every Muslim prays this salat. The Tarabi Salat Rakat is 20, 8, 10 approve by various hadith.


Are you know about Laila-Tul Qadr?.

Laila-Tul Qadr is the most expensive night on Ramadan for Muslims. Every Muslim find Laila-Tul Qadr night at the last 10 Ramadan. The last 10 Ramadan odd night, can be found Laila Tul Qadr, approve by hadith. The night is much important to Muslims. Allah forgives those who found this night.

Muslims pray to EID day, as well as celebrate together during the festival. This year, EID UL FITR will start on Saturday May 23 in the evening & ends on the evening of Sunday May 24 ( It depends on the moon).

On the Eid day, Muslims haveĀ  Sunnat work to do. We share the name of few Sunnat to do, such as wake up much morning, doing meswoak, take a bath, wear better cloth ( it depends on the situation), take perfume, before going the EID ground ( complete the fetor) & eat some sweet, go to the EID ground by feet, and also there is more Sunnat.

When a Muslims going EID ground, they say this Takbir on low voice Allahu Akber, Allahu Akber, La-ilaha illallah, Allahu Akber, Allah Akber, Owalil-lahil hamd.

How to Perform Eid Ul Fitr Prayer at Home

How to perform Eid Ul Fitr prayer?


Muslim prayer Eid Ul Fitr is one of the most important aspects of worship. Eid Ul Fitr a specific type of prayer name EID salat. EID salat remains of two Rakats (with movements & words during prayer) and Six takbirs (praising Allah).

Due to corona reason, you can pray Salat from Home. Watch this tutorial and know how to pray form home.

First of all, Muslims will intend the niyat (Intention) which involves reciting ” I intend that two Rakat Eid prayer to do behind the imam together with additional six takbirs”

After that, Muslims will follow the imam carefully by raising two hands put to the ears and say First Takbir to enter the salat Allahu Akber.

Now, reciting “Subahanaka Allah-humma with the imam, after complete this raising two hands put to the ears letting hands down twice. On the 3rd time don’t let down hands, they will listen to the imam, reciting Sura Fatiha & a Sura( any Sura from Quran).

After reciting sura Fatiha, which worshippers will say, Amin. Following this, participants are head out into Ruku and say Subahana Rabbiyal Azeem.

Then, everyone stands up straight as the imam states ‘Sami Allahu liman Hamidah’, and everyone will say ‘Rabbana lakal Hamd’ (in a low voice). Muslims will enter into the first sajdah (bowing the direction of Mecca) & will say ‘Subahana Rabbiyal Aa-la’. Back from the first Sajdah (sitting position between the two Sajdah) entry into the second Sajdah & say the same word as the first sajdah.

Muslims will rise for the second Rakat. In this second Rakat, the imam will recite Sura Fatiha & a sura (some other Sura from Quran). After complete the reciting, Muslims will recite takbir again Allahu Akber with imam for 3 times & raising two hands put to the ears letting hands down twice. But, the third time they will go into Ruku & will say Subahana Rabbiyal Azeem.

Imam says Sami Allahu liman Hamidah & everyone’s response will ‘Rabbana lakal Hamd’ (in a low voice).

Now, going into the first sajdah of the second Rakat & will say Subahana Rabbiyal Aala. Doing as like the first Rakat back from the first sajdah (sitting position between the two Sajdah) enter into the second sajdah & say the same thing as the first sajdah.

After that, sitting for the complete Tashshahud & Dorud Sorif and Duya Masura. Muslims reciteĀ  At-tahiyyatu lillahi & Allah-humma Salli-wala, Allah-humma Barik wala, Allah-humma inni jolamtu.

In the end, Muslims will turn the face right side first & say Assalamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullah and then will turn the face left side & say the same words as the first side.

After this, the imam will read the khutba & all Muslims will listen to it very attentively. After the khutba, everyone attends to Munajat. Every Muslim wants to forgiveness to Allah by munajat.

When does Eid Ul Fitr end?

Eid Ul Fitr officially lasts for one day. The celebration falls on the first day of the saw-yal month as an Eid Ul Fitr the Islamic calendar.

On the English calendar, this will be May 23 to May 24( depends on the moon).


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