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How To Earn Diamonds In Imo

How To Earn Diamonds In Imo! Imo the most popular audio & video calling software. Where people communicate with others easily in video & audio. So recently this software brings a new update about Diamonds Earn. Every user can earn this diamond and then can convert to a mobile Recharge! This is good for everyone.

In this post, we will show you how to earn a lot of Earn Diamonds In Imo. Hope it will the best tips for you. And 100% working for everyone & also for each country. Let’s see step by step.

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About Imo Diamonds

Somebody can ask, What is Imo Diamonds? It’s physical or fake? People can do that question. It’s very normal. Now we will answer all the questions.

Normally Imo diamonds works like a point. Example: If you log in every day on your Imo account then you will get an exact amount coin. That means virtual Diamond.  I hope you got this concept.

Now how Imo distribute these diamonds? Have any exact rules to get it? Yes, the Imo authority provides some rules and ways to collect this diamond. Now below we will describe all in detail.

Imo Diamond Collect

Normally Imo provides 1 diamond by default for each account. To get this 1 diamond At first you have to create Imo Account. Some instructions about crating Imo account.

  • Download Imo App From Play Store & iTunes Store.
  • Then Open this App.
  • Then Provide your Phone Number & They will send you OTP.
  • And Provide this OTP. And Continue.
  • Complete the Profile setup by Adding your Name

After creating an account successfully 1 Diamond automatically has been added on your account.

How To Earn Diamonds In Imo

To earn a lot of diamond, Imo provide a opportunity for everyone. For this you have to go live from your Imo account. And collecting Diamond. In short-

  • Go Live
  • Attractive to Join people on your Live.
  • Collect a good response from them.
  • And they will give you Diamond.

Note: Diamond earn depends on, How many people you able to joining on you live. Remember, If you get huge people in your live then you have to chance to get a huge Diamond.

This is the right way to earn Imo diamond. There are many illegal ways you will find, but don’t try to follow them. If you do any illegal work, then you will be banned from Imo.

Know us, How was this article. If you get help you must share & have any questions ask us to feel free.


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