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How to delete grubhub account? Cancel your account

Greetings everyone! Thank you for interesting to know about How to delete a Grubhub account? If you are an existing user of Grubhub and currently want to delete this account. But don’t know the right way to delete or cancel the Grubhub account. You are welcome here and we will teach you how to cancel a Grubhub account.

Grubhub is an online food ordering platform where people can order food for home delivery. According to Wikipedia, this company started its journey in 2004 in Chicago as a local food delivery online platform. Till now it’s providing local area service. To know more information you can follow their social media account and also this company Wikipedia profile. So, if you have an account in Grubhub and don’t continue to run this account anymore. So you can delete this account permanently. And today we will show you how to delete a GrubHub account by following an easy step.

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How to delete GrubHub account?

By following there are many methods, you can delete or close an account. But unfortunate all process is not easy. Our team members currently found two easiest methods. That method is simple. So let’s see both methods and follow our guidelines.

GrubHub account Cancellation Process

A user can delete an account through Twitter. For this users need to go Grubhub Official Twitter page. Follow this link-

Now find out the “Tweet to Grubhub” option from the left settings panel.

So, write your user name, email, and account cancellation reason. And sent it. After completing all processes correctly wait for the next message from the Grubhub help center. Normally it will take 48 hrs. After that requested account will be close automatically.

Another Process

This process is easiest more than the before showed process. A user can delete a Grubhub account by contacting the customer care panel through mail. That means by sending an account cancellation mail to Grubhub support center the account can be deleted. Let’s see how to send a mail for Grubhub account deletion.

Open your Mailbox and ready to send a mail to [email protected] or [email protected]

Now write “Cancel My Account” or ” “REQUEST TO DELETE MY ACCOUNT” on the subject line.

In the mail compose section, provide the account user name, email, and reason to delete the account. After providing included information properly. Just sent it. And wait for the next confirmation. We think the account will delete very soon.

Above listed two processes for delete Grubhub account. And method collection from various source. If have any question about this Grubhub account deletion process then mail us.

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