How to buy Cryptocurrency in Australia 2020

How to buy a Cryptocurrency in Australia! If you searching to know How to buy Cryptocurrency in Australia. Then this post is only for you. Here we review the trusted Cryptocurrency exchange website. From where you can buy any amount BTC, LTC, Dogecoin. In fact any  Cryptocurrency from Australia.

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Cryptocurrency in Australia

Since 2017, the Australian government officially declare that Cryptocurrency is legal. And from now people can exchange Cryptocurrency is openly. This new officially announce on their official website at This is legal law given by the Australian low government sector. You can follow this link  to know the full low about Cryptocurrency in Australia.

Now we are going to provide you trusted exchange website. From here you can buy or sell BTC easily.

How to buy Cryptocurrency in Australia

There are many crypto exchange website you will find. But all are not trusted. Some website has a bad review. Which got already scam. So before exchange any crypto, you have to aware. That means, at first find out a trusted website and then start your exchange. Below we gave one website name and full process for exchange. You can try this website.

CoinSpot is one of the trusted websites in Australia. This website honestly provides crypto exchange services in the whole of Australia. Let see how to buy or sell cryptocurrency from this website.

  • At first visit CoinSpot website.
  • Then find the register option and complete register by giving you some information. What they need.
  • After Completing your registration step. Then log in here and find your dashboard.
  • On the dashboard, you will find your exchange option. And follow their instructions to buy or sell Cryptocurrency.


  • Why we trusted this website?

Ans: This is a good question. There is some reason available. And that’s why we can trust this website.

  • At first, we have to see this website’s popularity. If is website is a scam, then it’s popularity definitely will not good. We can measure is this website’s popularity by its visitor. But how? This is a simple process. To know the website estimate visitor we can use Alexa. Alexa is a company that provides Website rank for each country by its visitor. See CoinSpot website rank in  Australia.

CoinSpot Website alexa rank

On the image, you can see CoinSpot Website Alexa rank 439 in Australia. And Global Rank 33,742. has received an estimated 622,700 visits over the last 30 days. (estimate). We found this report From the Trafficestimate website. You can also check it from this link.

  • Secondly, you can see this  CoinSpot website domain name extension. is a trusted domain name extension. Which is verified directly from the Australian Government.

So that was the most important thing to know about the trusted site. You can trust is the website site for Cryptocurrency exchange. Now we hope you already known How to buy Cryptocurrency in Australia. If you have any query kindly drop a comment below. We will help you.

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