Hong Kong vs Malaysia Acc T20 Cup 2020 Live Score & Streaming

Hong Kong vs Malaysia ACC T20 Cup 2020 Live Score & Streaming. If you are looking for the Hong Kong vs Malaysia live score update. Then this article will help you to watch live streaming and score online.

This the last match of ACC t20 Cup 2020. The game is scheduled to start at 12:00 PM IST and 01:30 PM local time. And the match will begin at Terdthai Cricket Ground. You can enjoy this match by going to this stadium. And who are not able to go there. They can watch this match live from home. Some TV channels and online media provide this opportunity. We collect online live cricket streaming link that provides Hong Kong vs Malaysia lives cricket score.

Hong kong vs Malaysia live

Hong Kong vs Malaysia Live

This cricket match will live on the local television channel. According to a third-party source, we found this tournament have no official broadcaster’s, hence the Hong Kong vs Malaysia game will not be telecasted. So currently it not available live watch from online. But you can watch this match full summary, scoreboard, player score from online.

Hong Kong vs Malaysia Acc t20 Live Score

This full match live score directly watches from google. Google is providing this opportunity for the user. And this is the best way to watch this match live score. Or other third-party websites also provide live scores. You may also search for it.

Hong Kong Squad

  1. Adit Gorawara (Right-Handed Batsman)
  2. Ali Mohammad (Right-Handed Batsman)
  3. Hamed Khan (Right-Handed Batsman)
  4. Mehran Zeb (Right-Handed Batsman)
  5. Shahid Wasif (Right-Handed Batsman)
  6. Waqas Khan (Right-Handed Batsman)
  7. Aizaz Khan (C) Right-Handed Batsman • Right-arm Medium Fast Bowler
  8. Ehsan Khan (Right-arm Off Spin Bowler)
  9. Kinchit Shah (Left-Handed Batsman • Right-arm Off Spin Bowler
  10. Nizakat Khan -Right-Handed Batsman • Right-arm Leg Spin Bowler
  11. Raag Kapur- Right-Handed Batsman • Right-arm Medium Fast Bowler
  12. Jamie Atkinson (W) Right–Handed Batsman
  13. Scott McKechnie (W)- Right-Handed Batsman
  14. Waqas Barkat- Right-Handed Batsman
  15. Aftab Hussain- Left-arm Leg Spin Bowler
  16. Dhananjay Rao- Left-arm Medium Fast Bowler
  17. Arshad Mohammad- Right-arm Medium Bowler
  18. Hassan Khan Mohammad-Right-arm Medium Bowler
  19. Mohammad Ghazanfar-Right-arm Leg Spin Bowler
  20. Mohammad Hassan-Left-arm Leg Spin Bowler
  21. Mohsin Khan-Left-arm Medium Fast Bowler
  22. Nasrulla Rana-Right-arm Medium Fast Bowler

Malaysia Squad

  1. Ahmad Faiz (C)-  Right-Handed Batsman
  2. Aminuddin Ramly-Right-Handed Batsman
  3. Anwar Arudin-Left-Handed Batsman
  4. Bhushan Save-Right-Handed Batsman
  5. Syed Aziz-Left-Handed Batsman
  6. Dhivendran Mogan-Right-Handed Batsman • Right-arm Medium Bowler
  7. Mohamed Ariff-Right-Handed Batsman • Right-arm Medium Bowler
  8. Sharvin Muniandy-Right-Handed Batsman • Right-arm Medium Bowler
  9. Virandeep Singh (W)-Right-Handed Batsman
  10. Anwar Rahman-Left-arm Leg Spin Bowler
  11. Fitri Sham-Left-arm Leg Spin Bowler
  12. Khizar Hayat Durrani-Right-arm Off Spin Bowler
  13. Nazril Rahman-Right-arm Medium Bowler
  14. Pavandeep Singh -Left-arm Leg Spin Bowler
  15. Syazrul Idrus-Right-arm Medium Bowler

Here is the two cricket team squad list. We collect this team list from google.



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