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Henry Ruggs III Car Accident Video- Gone viral

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The victim of the accident was a 23 year old woman. Cops confirmed that Ruggs his partner, Kiara Washington, was the passenger in his Corvette and sustained “serious” injuries during the crash.

The driver in the Toyota was stuck within her vehicle and unable to escape the vehicle until the fire engulfed the vehicle. The driver was declared dead at the scene, the police added.

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Car Crash Video

Henry Ruggs III Car Crash Video

3:02 PM PT Henry Ruggs has been booked in absentia (he’s at the hospital) on two felony charges … Driving under the influence resulting in deathserious bodily injury and reckless driving resulting in serious bodily injury or death.

Henry Ruggs III Car Crash Picture

If convicted, DUI can result in a prison sentence that can be up 20 years. The reckless driving conviction is a one-to-six year sentence in prison. Ruggs is scheduled to appear in court for his initial appearance on Monday early in the morning.

12:07 PM PST — 12:07 PM PT — NFL has released an announcement on the Ruggs incident … declaring, “Our hearts go out to the family and loved ones that have lost loved ones in this tragic tragedy.”


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