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Harrison Houde Net Worth 2021- Height, Weight, Salary, Biography & Age

Harrison Houde was born in Canada and became an actor popular for his role as Dr. David Strathairn in the movie “A doctor for panic attacks”. Harrison Houde became an even more popular child star when he appeared in the movie version of “When Harry Met Sally” as Henry Hill. The younger audiences became familiar with Harrison Houde as the well known and much loved “Vajay” in the movie “Men in Black II”.

Harrison Houde Net Worth

Harrison Houde Net Worth is $230 million

Now lets discuss Harrison Houde Net worth. His net value is quite large. It was revealed in an interview with Entertainment Tonight that Harrison Houde Net worth is approximately seven to eight million dollars depending upon the type of film he is appearing in. When searching the Harrison Houde Net worth on the net you will find that there are many articles that discuss his acting abilities, his awards and honors from awards nights, and other things about his role as a child star that made him famous.

Harrison Houde Full Biography

Full Name Harrison Houde
Net Worth $230 million
Date of Birth March 26, 1996
Age 25 Years
Contact Number Unknown

Harrison Houde was born in Calgary, Alberta and was listed as Michael Horvath in birth records. He was born in March of 1973 and is described as having dark hair and brown eyes. Many articles and profile profiles about Harrison Houde describe him as being very thin with a light skinned complexion. His most popular television roles were those where he played children in movies such as “When Harry Met Sally”, “E.T.” and “The Addam’s Family”. There are several websites devoted to discussing the early days of the career of Harrison Houde and mention his various accomplishments in each of these roles.

One of the interesting things about Harrison Houde’s net worth is that according to some biographies he is listed as being about 6 feet in height. This is considered to be rather short for an actor who is listed at a reported height of 6 feet 3 inches. There are several articles concerning the many honors and awards that Harrison Houde has received and they include a Walk of Fame award and an honorary doctorate degree from the University of Calgary. There is also much speculation as to whether or not this tall actor may end up being in charge of the Internet domain name of the much shorter “H Harrison Houde”.

Harrison Houde is said to have had a difficult time when he was a young age and was often scolded by his parents. He would often be told that he did not have what it took to become a professional artist because of the fact that he was incapable of writing his own music and that he lacked the ability to write musical scores. Some say that he never really understood what it meant to be creative and others would question his family. In the mid nineteen eighties he began to focus more on producing his own original online productions and would often do so alone in his home.

Many consider him to be one of the best artists to come out of the Midwest and are very proud of his achievements. He is said to have contributed to the emerging genre of rap and even went on to produce music for some early hip hop recording ventures. He has not managed to get the same amount of fame as people like Eminem or hip hop icons like Kanye West but he is certainly not a failure by any means. His family are continually supporting him and continue to live in their home with him. Harrison Houde’s houdini net worth will most likely continue to rise as he continues to work in this genre for the rest of his life.


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