Handwriting day 2021 quotes, images, messages, Activities & history

Handwriting day 2021 quotes images, messages, Activities & history. Handwriting day 2021 will celebrate on United State of America. Today is 23 January and every year the United State of American people celebrate handwriting day. Here is an interesting think by celebrating handwriting day. Today I will share everything about handwriting day histories and messages and more other information about this day. So if you are interested to know about this interesting De then continue to read this post.

Handwriting day is national holiday of United State of America. On that day this country’s maximum commercial and educational institute has been closed their activities. By arranging many kinds of event the handwriting day will celebrate. People share their handwriting to the board and other systems it is the great opportunity to show up your handwriting in USA on that day. On that day United stage of American people follows many activities to show their handwriting are just only this day celebrating purpose.

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Handwriting day history and activities

National handwriting day was established by the writing instrument manufacture association in 1977. Their main intention was to promote their company’s pains pencil and writing paper. And there are really successful about this day. This day celebrating the date is fixed on January 23rd. 23rd was chosen as John Hancock’s birthday. John Hancock was the first person of signed the declaration of independence. So to showing highly respect to him the handwriting day that fixed on 23rd January. And every hour this day celebrated on the fix date on 23rd January.

Handwriting day 2021 quotes

  • Handwriting says a million things about a person. Happy National Handwriting Day.
  • A good handwriting is always appreciated by all. Write to express and also impress.
  • Inspire someone today to write something on paper with their handwriting. It is National handwriting day.
  • Grab your favorite pen on handwriting day and write on a paper to honor the day.
  • Leave a positive comment on a paper for someone you want to inspire today.
  • Make someone’s day today by your beautiful handwriting. National handwriting day.
  • Listen to your heart and write it on a paper and let everyone know what are you feeling today.
  • Daily writing on a paper and it is a good exercise for fingers. National handwriting day.
  • As we head towards a new year, let’s make it fruitful. Show your power of handwriting. National handwriting day
  • I want to make you smile today with my handwriting and I definitely know that you will smile or laugh at my handwriting!



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