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GP 10 GB Free Internet 100% Working Tricks

Today we will share the best tricks about free internet. By using this offer, you can use free internet with high speed. And another amazing thing is, everyone can able to use this offer. So, let’s talk about this offer. If want to use this free net offer, then you need to download the app & create an account. In this post, we share every information about this app, and how to create this account. So, read this post carefully, and follow our every instruction.

GP Free internet 2020

First of all, you need to download the app and install it on your device. You can get this app in Google Play Store, just you need to search by file name Droid VPN. If your Droid VPN successfully downloads, then install it fast, later, create your account. To create your account, you need to submit your information and set a strong password for your account, then press the setup button. After that, paste your name, email, and password, then press the submit button.

Droid vpn download

Now, they will give a verification link to your email account. After that, you need to click over the link and verify your account successfully. Later, open your Droid VPN app, and go to the Udp setting, where you will see some options. And you need to set some options like Remote Udp port set 123, Choose Mod set 1, T Count set 1, R Count set 3, Local TCP port set 1. After setting this option, connect your phone & use it everywhere.

Droid VPN Download link

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many MB get from 1 account?

One account can use 100 MB, 10 accounts can use 1000 MB. If your account is more one, then you can get more MB.

Why I am see my account not yet active?

If you get an account not yet active, then you need to check your email box and verify your account successfully. In this mail, you can get a link, which is to help you to activate your account. And if your server shows full, then use the free server from 1 to 6, now connect the server and use the free internet.

Why are shows the Trying port?

If you face this Trying port problem, then you need to uninstall your app from your device. After that, again follow every instruction, and complete it successfully. And if your phone internet mode is select for 4G mode, then set it for the 3G mode.

If you complete every step successfully, then we hope you will able to use the free internet offer. And, if you don’t understand any step or you have any question, then comment below. We will reply as soon as possible.


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