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Google Launch New Games & Amp; and Payment Option For Play Pass

Recently, the Google Play Pass launch the new more games, which is add on google library. And also, there are giving many options for yearly subscriptions.  Nowadays, Google made a new subscription plan and this new subscription every consumer can buy monthly rate Google Play Pass. They announce this statement when Google continues to add new more to their library. And google doesn’t stop adding new games. Many people don’t know as well about the Google Play Pass, so you can call it Google’s Android Version of Apple Arcade.

It provides the offer of much premium and many new titles offer here. Especially, the Google Play Pass target to every mobile gamer, who always find the best game from all game. And they always ignore the annoying ads, cause it creates a problem for the best gaming skills. Another best thing about this system, Google Play Pass comes with the Teacher approve game for the younger audience. Google lists their plat pass cost, per year, costs $29.99 USD, and per month is $4.99 USD.

And there is less costly subscription such as monthly cost $4.99 USD, and per year cost is $49.99 USD. It is a new thing for all Android users. If you want to know about the Google Play Pass information, then you need to check the official post. For the new subscription, they plan very well and manage for an open new market in many countries such as Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, New Zealand, Spain, and United States.

And they will open in the next week. If you want to know about your area availability, then go to the Play store Application menu. There is yearly subscribe, and the premium demand increases day by day, all the work manage by google play pass. It gives the best gaming experience, you will know how much you get to benefit by sign up on the Google Play Pass.

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