Google announces 16 new Stadia games, where include exclusives five games

Recently, Google announces that they will release the new 16 games to the streaming service Stadia, where five is most exclusives. There are Outcasters only on Stadia, which is damaging the gears & Bring development. It is the most competitive multimedia best shooter game, where you can curve for your shoot. In this game, Orcs must need to die, Like a Robot entertainment game the player needs to fight against the big orc armies. And normally, you can play this game in Stadia pro, where you need to pay for pro version $29.99.

Google shares a statement, where they said many developers working on Stadia such as Harmonix ( Rock Band), City of Brass, Until Dawn, and more. But every developer didn’t publish anything. They will announce it very soon.

There is much new game coming into the Stadia, but they do not include as exclusive games such as  Bomberman R Online ( first release on Stadia), One Hand Clapping, Dead by Daylight( it can play all platform), PUBG season 8 (it will release on 30th July), Hitman & Hitman 2( it will release on 1st September 2020), Hitman 3 ( it will release January 2021), Serious Sam 4 (August 2020), and more.

There are many interesting titles here, but Sekiro is the best title for me. Dark Souls Developer made the rock hard action game. In this game, a player need the perfect to kill the enemy. And it will help with how to plays on Stadia streaming. There is two features to show the Stadia highlight Dead by Daylight. The features one is Crowd play & another is Crowd choice. The Crowd choice is giving to the community to vote for the Youtuber streamer can choose their character as a killer or survivor. And the Crowd play gives a trial to the streamer. It happens in the Dead by Daylight game. You can see that there is two way to get the benefit. And also, there is five exclusives games.


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