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Godfrey Gao Net Worth 2021- Weight, Height, Salary, Biography & Age

Godfrey Gao has made himself an interesting celebrity among the Chinese media. The Chinese government has exerted so much effort in building Godfrey Gao’s image to the outside world, especially the Chinese-speaking viewers in China. In spite of his fame and good looks, Godfrey Gao lacks some qualities that Chinese audiences look for. One of these is a positive net worth.

Godfrey Gao Net Worth

Godfrey Gao Net Worth is $3 million USD.

According to a press release from Godfrey Gao’s publicist, Godfrey Gao net worth is now under scrutiny. In early October, Chinese state media reported that Gao had been detained in Hainan province for financial crimes and corruption. On the same day, the CCTV camera caught Godfrey Gao heightening his career as a movie star by accepting a role as a presenter on China’s popular television program, CCTV’s Sunday Night Show. Although the press release stated that the arrest is related to Godfrey Gao’s failure to report salary missing from his company, CCTV has yet to make any further comment on this matter.

Godfrey Gao Full Biography

Full Name Godfrey Gao
Net Worth $3 million USD.
Date of Birth 1984–2019
Age 35 Years
Contact Number Unknown

CCTV is a censorship-free state-run television network, and therefore this news will most likely not be broadcasted in China’s other major television channels. The arrest of Godfrey Gao marked the first time that state censorship has publicly stated their disapproval of a private citizen’s public appearance. This is unprecedented in China. In fact, it’s hard to think of another case where public criticism of a private citizen by state media has ever been made. In fact, there have only been a handful of such cases in all of China’s history.

If Godfrey Gao’s arrest is anything to go by, then he is definitely not a candidate for the role ofprotective boss in the future. If he had made any mistakes in his acting career or in his portrayal of characters, he should be able to make amends with his film producers and directors by now. His arrest also highlighted the growing problem of endemic corruption within the Chinese entertainment industry. Many Chinese actors and actresses are being paid extremely low wages by their studios, and some of them are even emceeing national shows without receiving any pay at all. The prevalence of endemic corruption in the Chinese film industry has directly contributed to the low national TV viewership rates over the past few years.

In his biography, Godfrey Gao reveals that he was studying acting as a student, but decided against making a career out of it because of a visit to China that he had. It is alleged that he saw pigs being mistreated on a street in China. This may have inspired him to launch a career in television shows. In his biography, Godfrey Gao reveals that he has two siblings, a Taiwanese-Chinese model and an American Canadian actor, Chin Shi Min. Chin Shi Min is Godfrey Gao’s cousin.

Godfrey Gao’s net worth is estimated at less than one million dollars, and this is based on his publicly available media profiles. Godfrey Gao’s official media profile still mentions his work with Taiwanese television station CCTV, and his role in an action movie. He does not mention how he came to own CCTV, and has not released any pictures from any of his ventures there. His official website does not list any of his films, and only includes photographs of him and Chin Shi Min.


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