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Geraint Wyn Davies Net Worth 2022- Weight, Height, Salary, Biography & Age

Geraint Wyn Davies, is currently one of the highest paid actors in UK and Hollywood. His name is famous among films, television series and his acting abilities have been noticed in various British TV series. He has been awarded with numerous honors and has been nominated twice for Academy Awards. His career has taken him all around the world. He has appeared in some of Hollywood’s biggest and best films including Harry Potter as well as Crazy Heart. He has also appeared in some TV series such as Strictly Come Back Together as well as Friends of the Night.

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Geraint Wyn Davies Net Worth

Geraint Wyn Davies Net Worth is $73,8 Million

Geraint Wyn Davies family was a well off one until his father died in a car crash. His mother then married a man named Richard Wynn who was from a rich English family. The young Geraint Wyn Davies became a very popular and talented stage and film actor. His notable role in the movie Crazy Heart was part of his first ever acting assignment. His acting skills went on to win him many more awards and Geraint Wyn Davies has gone on to appear in movies and television series till date.

 Geraint Wyn Davies Full Biography

Full Name  Geraint Wyn Davies
Net Worth $73,8 Million
Date of Birth April 20, 1957
Age 64 Years
Contact Number Unknown

His first and foremost achievement was winning the right spot for the British Film Awards for Best Actor in 1957. This was a major award at that time and he was widely admired for it. He was able to maintain this good performance level throughout his film career. In subsequent films, he gained more appreciation for his roles. Hence, his income actor and net worth rose to a level where he was able to pay for his own London theatre showings as well as to take care of his family’s expenses.

Another notable actor from Wales who came very close to reaching the pinnacle of stardom was Sean Connery. Connery was nominated for a number of awards but was unable to win any for his performance in the Bond movie Quantum of Solace. Geraint Wyn Davies’ biography would definitely include Sean Connery as an important part of its cast. The two actors were indeed inseparable and their friendship endures till this day.

An interesting bit of information about the actor and his family is included in the Geraint Wyn Davies Net Worth biography. His daughter Tracey is now a practicing psychotherapist and has set up a foundation to help others who are battling mental disorders. Her foundation was named after her great uncle who was a well-known and much loved clown and humorist. It has been noted that this was the first project of this actress and she had hoped to help others break free of mental illnesses.

The Geraint Wyn Davies Net Worth article is certainly worth reading especially if one is looking to get a glimpse of the entertainer’s humble background. This award winning actress rose to fame quickly after her association with Doctor Who. She went on to play the villainess in the spinoff TV series, allowing her to add more depth to her already outstanding resume. She went on to star in a number of successful films such as Diamonds Are Forever, Tomorrow Never Came and Mission Impossible. The list of her film credits does not end here as she is presently featured in the movie adaption of Alice in Wonderland as well as the remake of Gone With the Wind.


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