Gary Stevens’ son dies at 4. What happened with? Cause of death

Everton legend Gary Stevens’ four-year-old son Jack has died.

With his son having been in need of a stem cell donor, Barrow-in-Furness-born Stevens, 58, had highlighted the issue for several months through support from the Blues.

Everton opened their doors at Goodison Park to swabbing events hosted by blood cancer charity DKMS, to find potential donors to add to the international register.

Jack had been receiving treatment for juvenile myelomonocytic leukaemia, a rare blood cancer that affects young children.

However, with Jack having suffered a relapse almost 18 months after his initial diagnosis, Stevens, who now lives in Australia with his South African wife Louise and their other sons Joshua and Oliver, admitted just over six weeks’ ago, the family were already facing a race against time.

Gary Stevens’ son Cause of  Death

Everton legend Gary Stevens’ son passes away after cancer battle

Jack’s older brother, Oliver, had been a stem cell donor for his initial treatment, but could not be used for a second transplant as his graph failed.

Gary had said at the time: “Cancer is an insidious beast. It lets you relax a little bit and then springs back at you. It might come too late for us but you never know.”


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