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GABBY Petito’s cause of death may be “being withheld” as cops struggle to find clues from her body left in the wilderness for weeks, experts fear.

FBI agents and police officers discovered her bodies inside Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming on September 19, and an initial autopsy concluded that the cause of her death to be homicide.

Gabby autopsy cause of death

The body of Gabby has not yet been released while medical examiners attempt to determine the reason for her death.

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Joseph Giacalone, a criminal justice professor at the City University of New York,thinks police may not be disclosing the cause of death as some reason.

He stated to the Insider: “If she’s strangled the evidence is likely be very limited.

“In the respect that you’re not going to have blood everywhere and, you know, hair fibers or all that other stuff.”

George Kirkham, of Florida State University, believes that the body of the vlogger could have changed into “very skeletonized” over time.

However the expert in criminal justice suggests that the police must be able to identify the reason for death.

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