Frieza voice actor dies at 56. What happened with him

Frieza voice actor dies at 56. What happened with him. Frieza, the emperor in the universe, was feared for his ruthlessness, power and might. However, he was removed from power by Future Trunks & Goku.

Chris Ayres, a voice actor who has over 200 credits, is dead at 56.

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Frieza voice actor dies at 56

Krystal LaPorte, Ayres’ friend and fellow actor, shared the sad news via social media. She wrote, “On October 18, at 8:40pm my world went dark. Christopher Owen Ayres died peacefully, surrounded by his brother, mother, and girlfriend.

What happened with him

Ayres was first cast as Frieza in the Dragon Ball Series after he joined Funimation’s dub of Dragon Ball Z Kai. He was a part of the franchise and ended up with the Dragon Ball Super Brolymovie.

Funimation posted their condolences to Christopher Ayres when they learned of the news. Many fans appreciate all you did for them. We’ll miss you dearly.” Adult Swim also tweeted: “RIP Chris Ayres. Frieza Forever.”

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