CCTV Footage Leaked: Fox News Christmas Tree Catches Fire- suspect arrested

Man charged after Christmas tree outside Fox News building set on fire, police say. Fox News Christmas Tree Catches Fire in Manhattan. Fox Square’s All-American Christmas Tree burned in fire, suspect arrested

A 49-year-old man has been taken into custody after a large Christmas tree outside the Fox News building in Manhattan appeared to have been set on fire overnight in what the network branded as a “malicious” attack.

Fox News Christmas Tree Fire

The police said that a man was in custody in relation to the blaze. The 50-foot tree had been ceremonially lit days earlier in an “All-American” festive broadcast.

The tree had been ceremonially lit in the network’s “All-American” Christmas special on Sunday. One of the network’s hosts announced the fire in a live broadcast.

Fox News Christmas Tree Fire CCTV Footage

“This is the Fox Square in New York, outside of Fox headquarters,” the host, Shannon Bream, told viewers shortly after midnight.

“It appears that our giant Christmas tree there, just a couple of minutes ago, was completely engulfed in flames.”

A few minutes later, as a live feed showed smoke billowing above the tree, Ms. Bream said that the fire seemed to have been put out.

But we’re going to monitor the situation to try to figure out what sparked this whole thing,” she added.

NYPD officers arrived at the scene and saw the suspect running from the location. They took him into custody before filing charges that included criminal mischief, reckless endangerment and arson.

City firefighters managed to extinguish the blaze.




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