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Favicon Size of Shopify, Blogger & WordPress

If you are looking for the exact favicon size of your website. You can continue to read this post. We discuss about this favicon size for different types of platform. You know there is many Content Managest System available. But all CMS isn’t easy for all. According to an online source, highlighted & most popular CMS is Shopify, Blogger & WordPress. But much more popular CMS can be.

Here we gonna tell the exact favicon size of including website step by step. After reading this post you will get a idea about this favicon size. Let’s see everything step by step.

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What is Favicon?

Let’s know at first what is a favicon? Mainly Favicon is a website sign. This is one kind of image of the website. It is shown on the browser address bar. When you visit a website then look on the website tab. Then you looking a small square size image. This is called favicon. It mainly used for a website a simple sign.

what is favicon

How to create a Favicon?

You can create a favicon manually and by using the software. This is a very easy process. There is many online platform available which provide that service totally freely. You may use these for making an awesome website favicon.  Below listed some kind of favicon generating website lists.


Here is the top website which provides free favicon generate service.

Shopify, Blogger & WordPress Favicon Size

Normally Favicon size is 16×16 pixels or 32×32 pixels. This is a universal favicon size of the website. Which perfectly use for Shopify, Blogger & WordPress and another website. So make that type favicon and setup on your website.

This is all about Shopify, Blogger & WordPress favicon size post. All information collect from trusted online media & sources. If have there is any wrong information kindly know us. Thanks for reading.


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