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[Working] How to Enable Facebook Care Reaction?

Facebook brings up a new reaction on Facebook posts, and it is a “Care” reaction. But this reaction is not available for everyone, so you have to do something on it. Otherwise, this reaction will not be visible to you. So, today we are going to learn How to Enable Facebook Care Reaction in the easiest way. Firstly, I also didn’t have this reaction but my friends had, so here I’m sharing everything that I did to enable this reaction.

IT is going to be an interesting post because I personally like this post. Because it will help everyone to enable this reaction. Especially, it is location-based and posts based, didn’t you understand? We’re telling what it is; This “Care” reaction is not available in every country and it is also not available for every FB post. So, you have to enable it manually, in case your country doesn’t support it automatically.

What is a Care reaction?

In this COVID-19 pandemic, Facebook gave this Care reaction to show people that you care for them. You should give this care reaction to the post that you should get care reaction. Like someone posted on Facebook a COVID-19’s image or something similar to that, you should give it a “Care” reaction. Now, let’s learn How to Enable Facebook Care Reaction.

How to Enable Facebook Care Reaction

How does Facebook Care reaction look like?

In Facebook “App” or Facebook “Web”, you will find an emoji hugging a heart is called “Care” reaction. There were 6 reactions on a post, now including the “Care” reaction, it became 7 reactions.  And on Messenger “App” or “Web” version, you will see a pinky-violet color emoji, that’s the one called Care reaction in Messenger.

How to Use Facebook Care Reaction?

Now, let’s see how it works. Here you will how you can give someone a Care reaction on Facebook. There is no way you can turn on this feature manually if it’s not available for you. Basically, it is available for everyone, Facebook will automatically add it to your account if it’s not enabled on your account.

On Facebook App or Web

  • Find the post that should get a care reaction.
  • Hold on the “Like” option and you will see a popup with every reaction Facebook has.
  • Now, swipe or move your mouse pointer on the “Emoji Hugging a Red Heart” icon.
  • Then release it. That’s how you can give care reaction to a post!

On Messenger App or Web

  • Tap & Hold or Long Click on a text you want to react to.
  • In the reaction popup, find “pink-violet color heart”.
  • Click on that emoji, it is the Care reaction on Messenger.


This is how you can Enable Facebook Care Reaction. IF you don’t find that reaction, don’t worry it is in beta mode. After the final release, it will be available to everyone. So, just wait and see for it yourself. If it does not enable after a week from now, then comment here below, we would like to help you.


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