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Fabolous is a popular rapper from the Fabolous family. His father, Lewis Fabolous was a successful rap artist in the early 90’s and is well-known to have produced music with top artists. Fabolous spent a great deal of time recording with members of The Nastytones as well as going solo in the beginning. Fabolous began rapping full time after completing his formal education at high school. His official albums “The Fabulous Fabolous Years” and “Fad” made him well-known to rap fans.

Fabolous comes from a large French Moroccan ethnic background. His real name is Jean-Michel Basque and he is half-French, half Lebanese. He was raised in Southern France and attended high school in La Grange, a suburb of Paris. Fabolous was known for his bright, intelligent, and unique sense of humor that made him attractive to many hip hop artists. In his teens, he went to prison and spent time in juvenile detention as well as serving time in jail for conspiracy to murder a government adviser.

Fabolous Full Biography

Full Name Fabolous
Net Worth $8 Million
Date of Birth November 18, 1977
Age 43 Years
Contact Number Unknown


Fabolous has achieved success in several areas of music, which has helped to increase his social media following. He has been nominated for Grammys in the past and won two awards for his work in the more alternative genre. Fabolous net worth has additionally risen because of several of his singles that have become major hits in the past few years. Some of these have become top sellers and were even featured on songs by major rap superstars such as Eminem, Rihanna, and Kanye West.

One of Fabolous’ singles, “Umma”, was actually not his best rap song. In fact, many listeners who didn’t care for the track were disappointed with the lack of subject matter. Nonetheless, it was certified as a top ten hit and went on to reach number four on the charts. Fabolous is also set to star alongside Jay Z and Beyonce in the upcoming biopic of West’s life. It is safe to assume that he will be garnering Grammys for this project as well as a Best Rap Album trophy.

Fabolous net worth is likely to continue to rise given the fact that he has yet to celebrate his twenty-first birthday. His work ethic and mentality are both impressive considering the fact that he is just now entering the professional rapping stage. His ability to draw sizable crowds and remain relevant in the rap game make him one of the brightest stars in the industry today. The success of albums such as Black Boots Go Round and Lemonade also indicates that he has the potential to achieve much more.

Many people consider West to be an all around great rapper and an exemplary artist who have managed to transcend the barriers of race and gender. His music has been very successful and has achieved a huge degree of commercial success. However, much of his personal life has been shrouded in mystery and doubt. People speculate on whether he is as hip and popular as other rappers in the mainstream, or if he is simply a big shot artist who only seems to dabble in what is considered hip and happening in America. Either way, one thing is clear: West is definitely a rapper worth listening to.