Eid kobe

Kurbanir Eid kobe 2021? Eid ul-adha Date in Bangladesh

Many people asked when the Kurbanir Eide Kobe. Many people write on Google to know about the eid date of Qurbani. This Qurbani Eid is another joyous festival of the Muslim nation. In this sacrifice, people sacrificed various sacrificial animals in exchange for his sacrifice. This Qurbani Eid is celebrated all over the world at the same time mainly to gain the satisfaction of Allah.

In tune with the whole world. Qurbani Eid is also held in Bangladesh on a large scale. Around the Eid of this sacrifice, there is a lot of buying and selling of the vibrant sacrificial animals.

But sadly, the Corona virus does not make the Qurbani haat splendor. The Government of Bangladesh has taken steps to follow the health norms but the common man is not following the hygiene. That is why a decision has been taken from the Government of Bangladesh.

This decision is to buy cows or buy sacrifice animals online. Websites have already been published for selling Online Gorur Haat and many are sacrificial animals there. You can find this cow hut website from this link.

However let’s go to our main topic today’s post mainly about when the Eid of Qurbani will take place.

Eid kobe 2021

The date of Qurbani Eid depends on seeing the moon. The Bangladesh Moon Sighting Committee announced the date by looking at the moon at the scheduled time. A date will go everyone assumes that Qurbani Eid will be held by this date. Below we gave these mentioned dates and you can find out the date of Qurbani Eid from there.

Eid al-Adha 2021 in Bangladesh will begin in the evening of
Monday, July 19
and ends in the evening of
Tuesday, July 20
Public holiday dates:
Tuesday, July 20 –
Wednesday, July 21
Dates may vary

We collected these dates from different places.

So these dates may or may not match some countries. You will have to wait till the moon sighting committee decides to know the exact date.

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