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500 Taka income Bkash Payment- Ludo Taka income korar games

500 TK income Payment Bkash- Taka income korar games. Assalamualaikum friends how are you Everyone hopes to be fine Today I have come to share another new income tricks among you. Many of you spend your leisure time playing ludu games at home. But do you know that by playing Ludu, you can earn easily at home? So this post is for those who love to play ludu at leisure.

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I will share with you how you can earn money by playing ludu. Many people earn money in many ways, but many people know how much money can be done by eating ludu.

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Taka income korar games

You need to install an app to income by playing ludu. You won’t find the apps if you search the Play Store. Click this link to download the apps. After clicking on the link, you will do such an interface show in front of you then you can see an option called Download below and click there and download the apps.

Earn Money Payment Bkash

After giving everything properly, you need to login with mobile number and password. After logging in, you can see games like Pubg, Free Fire, Ludu, Mini Millitia etc. being showcased. If you are an expert in these games, you can easily earn money by playing in these games.

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Inside those apps, there are different matches of ludu games, how much match fee and how much winning prize to play a match will be mentioned inside those apps. You can play the match you like. It will mention where the match will start. You have to join the match fee before the game starts.

Game Khele Income Payment Bkash

All you need to do to earn money by playing ludu is you have to install the game Ludu King from the Play Store. If you win the match, the money will be sent through the username you give at Ludu King. You have to deposit the money by sanding the money in their BKash number to pay the match fee for the Ludu game.

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Your money will be added to the account within 30 minutes of sending the money. If you are only Tk. 50, you can withdraw money in your BKash, Rocket or cash account. If you don’t understand anything about the game, your player zone can watch videos from YouTube channels.

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Come on playing video games, it sounds ridiculous to you! Many people search online to earn money by playing ludu on their mobilephones. It may not seem surprising for those who think of making money online on their mobile phones by playing ludu. But we will not review light issues like playing ludu or making money through gaming apps in today’s post. We’ll show in today’s post how people who like to play games or play games on a hobby or are addicted to playing games will make their hobby an online source of income?


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