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Ed Evanko Net Worth 2022- Height, Salary, Weight, Biography & Age

Ed Evanko is an award winning Canadian singer, actor and Catholic Priest. Discover Ed Evanko biography, Age, Gender, Height, Social History, Career overview, Religion and Net Worth. How much do you know about Ed Evanko? He’s a nice guy, a Catholic and a good singer too. Find out how much Ed Evanko net worth is and how he spend his money?

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Ed Evanko Net Worth

Ed Evanko Net Worth is  $ USD 7 Million

Ed Evanko was born in Canada in September 1941. His parents were immigrants from Ukraine. Ed was adopted by the Agnells and grew up in Glenwood Hills, California. His musical career spanned four decades in the pop music industry. Ed’s career most notably was touched by the Replacements, War, Ozzy Osbourne, Smokey Robinson and Eric Clapton.

Ed Evanko Full Biography

Full Name Ed Evanko
Net Worth $ USD 7 Million
Date of Birth 1938–2018
Age 80 Years
Contact Number Unknown

Ed’s best known film role was in the western film Texas Rising, as the title character Willy Loman. How much do you know about Ed Evanko? Ed’s other notable and quotable films include The Bad Seed (2000), Leaving Lukens, The Perfect Storm, Big & Tall (with Eddy Loman), Ed Ireland, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, and Ed Zazzleboxer. Ed’s height is 6 feet, his weight is 225 pounds, and he is completely white.

Ed’s brother, Michael is a professional wrestler for the U.S. His parents are divorced, and Ed grew up in foster homes. Ed’s family consists of his mother and father. It is possible that his Net Worth is more than his actual family, as his Net Worth and his real family may be drastically different, particularly considering his height and weight, and perhaps even more so because he never got to meet his biological family.

What is interesting about Ed is that although he has been cast as a vampire in the last several decades, he has never had a role in a major motion picture. Why is this? Because vampires are not human. vampires are fictional characters, and therefore studios are afraid to hire an actor with a tendency to go into the role based on his real life experiences. Why would they want an actor with Ed’s Ed Evanko-fans who can’t act?

Ed’s acting resume does not focus on singing, playing guitar or drums; however, he has been seen on Canadian television and in movies playing the lute, the banjo, the fiddle, and the upright bass. His songs were recorded by artists such as Don Williams, which gave him the insight into writing songs for his own musical instrument, the guitar. He also appeared on a Canadian television series called Decade and played the character of “The Renegade.” Finally, it is important to note that Ed Evanko is not only a Canadian singer, musician and actor, but also was a contestant on the famous Canadian variety television show, The Dating Game. He was eliminated from the show at the end of the seventh season.


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