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Earn 3$ daily by Tata Apps. Bkash Withdraw

Hello everyone, today we come back with another special 100% working tips and tricks offer. And we found this offer by many hard searching, so we hope it will help you to get this free offer. By using the tips, you can able to income 200 Taka per day. And as work simply, you can earn 3000 Taka and 4000 Taka per month. If you think the post is fake, then you can skip it. Otherwise, keep following our every step. Some of the app and websites will tell you that you can earn 1000 Taka per day. But, we don’t think so, you can earn 200 Taka per day. And it will work 100%.

The money earns process is like upload photos on Facebook. We will give you the easiest process to earn from the app. So at first, you need to do go to this link 🔰 https://bit.ly/2W5iTp2. Now, it will take you to the google play store. Next, you will see tata apps, and you need to touch over the install button. It will take a few minutes to download and install it on the device. After installing the app, you need to open the app. And a new page will open and you need to click on the Enter Tata. Now, select your current country name such as if your country is Bangladesh, then select Bangladesh.

How to use tata App

At first, select the Bangladesh country mobile code, and mention your mobile number. Now, click on the Next button. And complete the security captcha, then they will send you a 4 digit code. After that, enter your security code, and touch on the next button. Then you need to verify your account, otherwise you can’t able to income.

How to verify your account

So, you need a NID card and enter the name of the NID cardholder.  Now, again click on the Next button. And you can see a new page have please enter your information option, then set up your photo. And select your gender Male/ Female. Then click on the two done button, and select the items of your interest. Now, click on the Next button. After that, you need to select some people to follow them.

Now, click on the Next button. You can see a explore button. After that, you need to adjust your connect rewards. Later, click on the button and you need to connect with another app to receive money. So, you will see a Google play store picture, then it will take you to the google play store. Now, the Acorn box app will open and you need to install it in the same process of tata app.

How to create an Acorn box account and verify

After opening the app, it will show you create an account button, so create the account by giving information. Then click on the man icon to verify your account.  Now, go to the verification menu, and enter your personal information such as name, E-mail, country, And NID card number. Then click the picture of your NID card both sides and take a selfie of you holding your ID. And it will take 24 hours to verify. And then click on the submit button. After verifying your Acorn box account, they will 50 Taka for free.

Again open the Acorn box app and go to the man icon. Now, you can see your account is verified. Then go to the tata app, now you can see many people upload the various types of photos, you just need to give love to react to the picture and mention a good comment. And you can able to share your photo by touch on the plus type button. If people like your post very much and comment hugely, then you can earn a lot of money.

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Daily Mission

If you earn from the app, then you need to complete some tasks such as upload 10 photos every day. And likes on the photo 100 times. And do 50 comments daily. Don’t forget to visit another profile. Your income will set on the connect rewards option. And by complete the mission, you can earn almost 200 Taka. If you create a group of your friends, where you like each other posts, then it will take a very short time. And everyone can earn from it. If you don’t understand any step then, go to the below video and complete every instruction.


We hope that the post is work 100%. And share the post with your friends, cause give them a chance to get free earn. And if you have any questions, then send a message to this Whatsapp Number: +880 1878-458985. You will get your answer very soon.


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