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Dylan Geick Net Worth,2022, Age, Height, Weight & Contact Number

Dylan G. Geick is a dual H-O-M contributor as both a stand up comic and an actor. His credits also include appearances on The Simpsons and Everybody Loves Raymond. Dylan was raised in Southern California and went to college briefly at the University of Southern California where he earned a degree in communications.

Dylan earned his first known net worth from acting. At the age of seventeen he was discovered on the cast of the television show Webster. The exposure allowed him to perform stand up comedy at various clubs throughout the United States and also in numerous Canadian cities such as Calgary, Montreal, Toronto and Ottawa. During this time Dylan also gained a small role in the award winning movie American Pie.

Dylan Geick Full biography

Full Name Dylan Geick
Net Worth $1.5 Million
Date of Birth September 9, 1998
Age 22 Years
Contact Number Unknown


The question then arises as to how much Dylan earns in a typical week. Dylan has disclosed in several articles that he makes anywhere from seventy to one hundred dollars per week with his various acting jobs. This includes acting and writing. While he is not billed as a professional wrestler in the article quoting him, one should not assume that this is the case. Dylan also disclosed that in the past few years he has also been paid to play wrestling in local casinos.

Dylan is listed in the online biographical dictionary at Wikipedia as a six figure income earner who according to their estimates earns between two million dollars a year and six million dollars a year. Dylan is described as a British comedian and actor who has made several films both mainstream and indie. His most recent release is entitled Aphelion. His other films are titled Zoolander, Think and Thumbler.

Dylan was born in segregated Little Rock Arkansas in 1950. His mother was a domestic servant and his father was a carpenter. Dylan attended private school in Little Rock and later went to college in Chicago. He then lived in Los Angeles and worked odd jobs such as a dishwasher in a hotel and a bartender. After earning a degree in English literature from the University of Southern Illinois Dylan began to work as a stand up comedian and appeared in several movies, most notably “Cabaret”, “Blair County Private Eyes” and “Eddie” in which he plays the role of a mentally handicapped tailor.

Dylan is not clear on what percentage of his pay is set aside for taxes, although he has stated that his income is somewhere between two to five million dollars a year. If this is true it would put him in the same tax bracket as actors like Tobey Maguire, Tom Cruise, and Will Smith. Also, if his reported pay of about seven or eight million is an underestimate it would place Dylan in the same tax bracket as George Clooney who is currently reporting to make about eleven million dollars a year. Dylan is currently only registered as having an income of two to five million a year, however, if his acting career takes off he will most likely top this figure in a short period of time.


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