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DPDC Load Shedding Schedule 2022 PDF Download

DPDC Load Shedding Schedule PDF is available now here. Recently Bangladesh people face a load shedding problem. All over the country, all the people faced it. Due to less power generation, the power and Energy sector can’t able to supply insufficient electricity. On the other hand, huge gas storage that a significant fall in electricity generation. As a result, the Bangladesh government decided to countrywide area-based load shedding will be continued till the energy crisis doesn’t solve. This area-based load shedding will be started on 19 July from 10 AM to 10 PM.

To convinces all the people, Dhaka Power Distribution Company Limited (DPDC) released a load shedding schedule for the Dhaka division. This schedule will be helpful for the Dhaka district people. Because using the schedule people will finish all the important work before load shedding. Today DPDC published a total of 20 area load shedding schedules in Dhaka. You will check it from Dhaka Power Distribution Company Limited’s official website. On the www.dpc.gov.bd website, you can also download all the area-based load shedding schedule PDF files.

Load Shedding Schedule Dhaka pdf Download

Finally, the Bangladesh government has decided to area-based load shedding for one or two hours all over the country. It will begin on 19 July at 10 AM. Today Power and Energy Minister and advisor announced the news at the Prime Minister’s office. Prime Minister agreed on the decision with State Minister for Power and Energy. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina also announced that people will find the load shedding schedule from DPDC website.

Sl No. Office Name Schedule
1 Adabor Download
2 Azimpur Download
3 Banasree Download
4 Banglabazar Download
5 Bangshal Download
6 Bashaboo Download
7 Demra Download
8 Dhanmondi Download
9 Fatulla Download
10 Jigatola Download
11 Jurain Download
12 Kakrail Download
13 Kamrangirchar Download
14 Kazla Download
15 Khilgaon Download
16 Lalbag Download
17 Maniknagar Download
18 Matuail Download
19 Mogbazar Download
20 Motijheel Download
21 Mugdapara Download
22 Narayangonj (east) Download
23 Narayangonj (west) Download
24 Narinda Download
25 Paribag Download
26 Postogola Download
27 Rajarbag Download
28 Ramna Download
29 Satmosjid Download
30 Shamoli Download
31 Sher-e-bangla nagar Download
32 Shyampur Download
33 Siddhirgonj Download
34 Sitalakhya Download
35 Swamibag Download
36 Tejgaon Download

Before the load shedding, and activities start DPDC will release the Load Shedding Schedule in Bangladesh on their website. At first Dhaka, the power distribution company will release the schedule only for Dhaka. Slowly it will be published for all the divisions and districts. If this activity will help to reduce power energy, then it will continue for 1 week. If it will not reduce the crisis of electricity then the schedule will be changed. From here you can download the PDF file.

DPDC Load Shedding Schedule for Dhaka.pdf Download

Dhaka Area-Wise Load Shedding 2022 pdf

Dhaka is the capital city of Bangladesh. So, this division is most important than other divisions in BD. Recently Bangladesh’s power and Energy sector faced an electricity crisis due to gas shortage in power plants. The Power Development section shows that our country it had 1500 MW power outages while there was a power cut of 1273 MW. So, the authority will decide to load shedding to reduce the power crisis.

In Bangladesh, all over the country endured severe power cuts for the last few weeks. The people faced this problem due to the natural gas supply. It will continue till the natural gas supply doesn’t solve. The unscheduled power cut will put people into various kinds of problems. If a scheduled load shedding will continue then people do all the important work on time. In Dhaka, there are different kinds of electricity lines in the area based. For this reason, Bangladesh Power Distribution Company released Area-wise load shedding schedule Gazipur, Mymansingh, etc 

 Desco Load Shedding Schedule

Besides Dhaka Power Distribution Company Limited, Dhaka Electric Supply Company Limited also released a load shedding schedule for Dhaka. DESCO published the schedule for the different zone. Today DESCO will publish scheduled for Mirpur, Gulshan, and Uttara zone. Slowly it will be released Dhaka all zone load shedding schedule. You will download these zone power cut lists through the Desco official website.

Desco load shedding schedule for Dhaka.pdf Download

Download the Desco load shedding schedule for the Dhaka zone from www.desco.org.bd. Here you will download the pdf file of the power cut.

 Load Shedding Schedule Bangladesh

All over the country people faced load shedding problems in Bangladesh. The power cut will happen at any time. So that people can’t able to do their important work. Nowadays all the government and non-governmental work will be done by the internet. So, without electricity, it will not possible to do those work. So, all things considered, the government decided to power cut will happen according to a schedule. To convinces all the situation, Bangladesh all power distribution company will release their based Load Shedding Schedule 2022.

To check the DPDC load shedding schedule or download the Bangladesh load shedding schedule PDF visit your own district power distribution center’s official website. Then on the home page, you will find a power cut schedule pdf file. Click on the link to save the list to your device. You will also find the list on this page.

Power Cut Schedule in Dhaka.pdf Download 

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