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Don Francks Net Worth 2022- Height, Weight, Salary, Biography & Age

Don Francks net worth is a known fact. Don Francks net worth is his estimated worth after taxes. Don Francks net worth is the estimated amount of money he makes from acting, modeling and film acting. He is from Canada where he got his start in acting. Don Francks first came to prominence when he appeared in Canadian television drama entitled Happy Days.

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Don Francks Net Worth

Don Francks Net Worth is  $100 Million ·

Don Francks first became famous in the first season of Happy Days as a series star. His co-stars on this show are Paul Revere and Mary Tyler Parks. Don Francks went on to have small roles in movies such as Speed (keying Don Francks name) and The Mask. Don Francks has also had some smaller part in films such as Speed II, The Perfect Storm and Don’t Cry It features Don Francks alongside Jeff Bridges. Don Francks has appeared in several TV shows on both analog and digital networks.

Don Francks Full Biography

Full Name Don Francks
Net Worth  $100 Million ·
Date of Birth 1932–2016
Age 84 Years
Contact Number Unknown

Don Francks has built up quite a good reputation as an actor in Canada, and in the United States. Don Francks net worth has increased since he appeared in the popular television series Happy Days. Don Francks has also become one of the best known actors from Canada, especially with the release of the movie Don Francks. Don Francks trivia will show that Don Francks was a skiing enthusiast growing up in northern Quebec. He received a bachelor degree at Sherbrooke College, and then went on to study acting at Toronto’s Le Leche League.

Don Francks became very well known in the United States during the late sixties. His first appearance on screen was in the famous movie Networks. Don Francks studied with two of the most famous jazz musicians of the time period, Paul Taylor and Jack Wilkins.

Don Francks’ Don Francks net worth has been documented throughout his career. He is most famous for being one of the original African American impersonators that appeared on the TV show F.R.I.E.N.D.S.. Don Francks trivia will show that Don Francks performed many other famous impressions throughout his career. He appeared in King of the Hill, Cheers, The Dead Zone, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure as well as several other movies and TV shows. Don Francks is now retired and living in New Zealand.

Don Francks most famous role is that of Frank “The Dentist” Stonehouse who appeared in King of the Hill and became one of the best known African American impersonators in the entertainment industry. Don Francks net worth has made it clear that he enjoys what he does and he has worked hard to attain his status. Don Francks is one of the most accomplished African American actors of all time and has made a name for himself playing different characters throughout his career. He is a true professional and has always taken care of his appearance. Don Francks looks like he could be a very good candidate for a role in a popular TV show right now in my opinion.


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