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DMTCL Train operator viva result 2021 PDF download.

DMTCL Train operator viva result 2021 PDF download.Dhaka Mass Transit Company Limited is a private limited company, which deals in providing public transport services for the citizens of Bangladesh. The journey of passengers through public transport is extremely safe and hassle free. This company has been running the mass transit operations for almost 10 years now. Since then it has achieved a lot of success and provides several services to the citizens of Dhaka including coach hire, bus hire, cycle hire, luggage collection and delivery. The company also provides the customer with complete satisfaction and service.

There are two types of buses offered by this company. It offers single buses as well as buses in many numbers. These buses are clean and well maintained and have all the latest equipment for a comfortable journey. These buses run on regular routes and offer the convenience to the travelers to reach their destinations.

DMTCL Train operator viva result 2021 PDF download

DMTCL Train operator viva result 2021 PDF download.

PDF Download


The buses provided by Dhaka Mass Transit Company Limited have always had good reputation for the comfort that they provide. They also accommodate more number of passengers comfortably than any other bus. The driver of the bus takes care of the safety of the passengers and ensures that they reach their destinations safely. They have a special lane provided for wheelchair passengers. If any passenger wants to call for any assistance or facilities, then they can call the operator at the seat beside him.

These buses are equipped with air conditioning and heating systems. Tourists can be comfortable during the journey as the temperature remains moderate throughout the day. Dhaka Mass Transit Company Limited also provides its customers with a free bus tour guide and travel brochure. This will help you plan your trip in advance and also save your money.

These companies also provide buses for sightseeing tours. You can organize a tour of Dhaka and take the bus to different popular destinations. You will not be required to book tickets for the same. Some of the most popular destinations included in the tour are Bandur, Bireh, Chittaurgarh, Choa, Gazipur, Mughal Gardens, Shahjehanabad, Shahulam and many others.

You should do a little homework before opting for such a service. Do not select a company just because it offers the lowest price. You should study the service history of the company and the buses it provides. It should have a well-equipped buses with latest equipments and modern amenities. Moreover, there should be ample parking space available for the passengers.


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