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Dipjol Net Worth 2022

Dipjol Net Worth 2021. He is an actor, businessman, and former ward Commissioner. His full name is Monowar Hossain Dipjol. Many times he caught for the crime. He did various types of crime such as illegal firearms, ammunition, and much illegal wealth. Most of the time he proved himself as an innocent person. And the court releases him to cause a lack of evidence. His political party name is Bangladesh Nationalist Party. He is one of the best actors in the 19th century.

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Dipjol Net Worth 2021

We notice that many people search on the internet to know about Dipjol net worth. Here, we mention his net worth. Dipjol net worth is almost 3 million USD. We collect this information from various sources. So, maybe this net worth something upper or some lower. He is one of the top earners as a film actor. If want to know more about his personal life information, then read this post attentively.

Career Information

He is the owner of Dipjol Food Industries Limited. And also, he Dhallywood films actor. Dipjol is a very famous villain in Bangladeshi cinema. He is best known for his stylish dialogue and fight. In 1994, he was select as a ward commissioner of Dhaka. The ward number was nine. In 2007, he was arrest for arms charges. After that, he was arrest for illegal wealth and amassing incident. And he got jail 41-years term. Later, Bangladesh High court gives bail on 01 June 2009. He started his career in the 19th century. His career activity 1992 to present. He was acting in many Bangla cinemas such as ‘Takar Pahar’ acting as a hero, in Kosto cinema acting as a villain. In 1999, he was acting on the ‘Ammajan’ cinema as a villain.

Personal Life Information

He was born on 15 June 1958 in Mirpur, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Now, he is 62 years old. His parent’s name is Sohrab Hossain & Jobeda Begum. He is married to Rumana Monowar. They have four children, and their name is Oliza Monowar, Sadab Monowar Fahim, Shadman Monowar Omi, Samir Monowar. Al-haj Shahadat Hossain Badshah And Jesmin Begum are siblings of Dipjol. A few years ago, he fell ill and being taken to the hospital. And the doctor says that he had a heart attack & water on his lungs. After that, he is taken to Singapore for his heart surgery at Elizabeth Hospital. He is a famous actor in the Bangla cinema.

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