Dhaka ideal college hsc test exam routine 2021 Published

Dhaka ideal college hsc test exam routine 2021 Published. ‘Dhaka Ideal College has published the routine of taking exams of the students in violation of the government ban. I am drawing the attention of the appropriate authorities.’ That type post has updated from Cyber 71 official page. And we found the exact information and official routine from their comment box.

Today we will share Dhaka’s ideal college hsc test exam routine 2021. Here we added the download link. So that people can find out the routine easily and can download the routine. Let’s see the routine and download from below.

We attach also more information from various source about Dhaka ideal college hsc test exam. Hope all information will be helpfull for the upcoming HSC examinee.

A student or public said about publishing this exam routine- ‘The promotion was given without one year of study. The coaching was stopped. The people of the city have kept their children in various ways …. whether it is home tutor or online class but what about the village ??
After a couple of months of getting new books, the school is closed, the small coaches in the village are closed, there is no home tutor in the village. Most Polapans got promotions in the next class without opening the running class books.

What the higher authorities explained was that they made this decision to save the year loss.
The question remains, did they think about the decision?
Let’s come to the next step, the new batch of the university came, all closed in March. All of them have their first semester pending, all of them have passed, now they are admitted to the university again, which means there will be two batches in the first year in the universities, hsc ..

… It may not be the responsibility of the authorities to decide whether universities can cope with the pressure.
It may not be the responsibility of the authorities to think that the children of the village are dropping out of school.
Meetings, processions, meetings, elections, movies, etc., nothing can stop Corona … only educational institutions have stopped Corona’

Dhaka ideal college hsc test exam routine 2021 Download


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