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Dean Armstrong Net Worth 2022- Income, Salary & Biography

Dean Armstrong Net worth: He is a multimillionaire. In 2021, Dean Armstrong donated one million dollars to establish the Voice Children Foundation, which helps children who have experienced life challenges. Later that same year Dean and Lori Armstrong established another foundation, called Voice Children Global. This foundation focuses on funding programs that assist children in developing the skills and cultures necessary for their successful future. As of this writing, Dean has not released the net worth information for this foundation.

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Dean Armstrong Net Worth

Dean Armstrong Net Worth is $1-5 Million

Dean Armstrong Net Worth: His daughter Rosemary was named one of Time Magazine’s “rities in 2021. She became a voice coach, motivational speaker, and writer. Dean started as a basketball player at Creighton University and was selected in the second round (seventh pick) by the San Francisco Warriors. He played two seasons for the Boston Celtics, winning a championship. After retiring from basketball Dean opened his own fitness center, titled Fitness Super Performance.

 Dean Armstrong Full Biography

Full Name Dean Armstrong
Net Worth $1-5 Million
Date of Birth April 24, 1973
Age 48 Years
Contact Number Unknown

How much does Dean Armstrong earn per year? At times Dean Armstrong’s net worth is reported to be anywhere between six and seven million dollars. Other sources say Dean Armstrong’s net worth is in the six figure range. However, Dean Armstrong’s real net worth is much more than six figures as Dean owns his own fitness center, has a recording contract with Dream Theater, and has written two books. These accomplishments, along with the fact that Dean is a well known, popular television actor, give us a good base of ideas about Dean Armstrong’s net worth.

Dean Armstrong’s body measurements are as follows: height about 6′ 2″; weight around 180 pounds; chest size about 35 inches; and the head size is the same as it was when Dean was a teenager. Dean’s hair color is brown and he has brown eyes. Based on these average body measurements, Dean Armstrong’s net worth is approximately five thousand dollars. If Dean Armstrong was to lose all of his investments, he would still be within the rich end of our wealth scale.

Dean Armstrong’s real estate agent, Gerald Zaltman, who is very familiar with Dean’s movies, said ” Dean really does enjoy the limelight. There’s something about being an actor that causes people to want to be around you more. People see Dean Armstrong and they remember his name. I think he’s one of those actors that always needs to have a challenge. You never know when the cameras are going to be there and when they’re not you’ll need a challenge – like acting.”

There are several Dean Armstrong net worth biographies available right now on line. His first biography is called: Dean Armstrong is an Actor. It is available right now on line for eBook download. In the book Dean Armstrong discusses his background in theater and television. Dean also reveals some of the unusual jobs he has had such as on the set of the television show Crime Scene Investigation (CSI). Dean also talks about working with some very famous people such as Oliver Stone and Clint Eastwood.


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