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David Paul Grove Net Worth 2021- Weight, Height, Salary, Biography & Age

David Paul Grove was born in California. David Paul Grove was raised in Louisiana. He started out as a child prodigy and grew to become a celebrated writer, producer, and director. David Paul Grove was nominated for an Academy Award for his contribution to the film industry through his movies like Saturday Night Fever. Today, David Paul Grove is known for his various Canadian television shows such as Vinyl.

David Paul Grove Net Worth

David Paul Grove Net Worth is  $1.2 Million.

David Paul Grove was born in California. His mother was a very attractive woman who had a knack for styling young men. David’s father on the other hand was not so effective and David’s early years were spent learning how to stage and act.

David Paul Grove Full Biography

Full Name David Paul Grove
Net Worth  $1.2 Million.
Date of Birth December 10, 1958
Age 62 Years
Contact Number Unknown

David Paul Grove has established a steady yet stable income source through various movies. His most popular movies are Who’s In The Mood for Love, Saturday Night Fever, Gidget, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, A History Of Violence, and A Christmas Carol. David’s most recent movie is Age Of Aquarius, which he produced and starred in. David Paul Grove has always maintained a low public profile and preferred to remain in the limelight rather than discuss his personal life. Aside from acting, David also has a background in writing, producing, and directing. In fact, he wrote, produced, and directed the documentary David Copperfield: On Drugs.

David Paul Grove’s real name is David Paul Gustafson. His real age is actually ten years older than what is indicated on his resume. David started acting at a very early age of three in plays and TV commercials. David also appeared in a number of movies during the late 1980s and early 1990s. Most notable are the films Edward Scissorhands and Edmondingle: An Edward Scissorhands High School Romance.

David Paul Grove’s income source became supplemented by various television shows and movies. These shows included The New York Times Show, The Munsters, The Fantastic Adventures of Josephine, and The Firm. He also had a role as David Kleinfeld, an obnoxious boss in the 1993 movie Everybody Loves Raymond. David became famous for his lovable character and for his appearance on the television shows Kung Banglar and Saturday Night Fever. David Paul Grove has made over ten movies that grossed over two hundred and fifty million dollars. His most recent film is Age of Aquarius, which was released in December of 2021.

David Paul Grove is currently the most popular actor in the world. According to the 2021 Forbes Magazine, he is presently worth approximately two hundred million dollars. David Paul Grove is a very rich man who does not only entertain, but makes films, sells DVDs, and runs his own modeling agency. David Paul Grove is an excellent actor who makes entertaining movies and great actors who have achieved great success in Hollywood.


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