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Musical artist David Grover Cause of Death. What happened with him?

LEE Berkshires famous troubadour David Grover died Wednesday evening from complications resulting from an accident in the state of New York. He was 69 years old.

The wife of his 17-year marriage, Kathy Jo, told The Eagle that a car Grover was driving on Saturday was hit by a car in Utica. The death occurred shortly at the 9 p.m. Wednesday, at St. Elizabeth Medical Center in Utica.

“He suffered a head injury,” she said, “but there were various medical conditions. Then, everything went wrong. They were unable to save the man.”

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One of the best moments in a life that stretched over years, the guitarist, writer and Pittsfield native appeared in the White House several times, the NBC-TV’s “Today Show” and at the United Nations. He was the subject of an image of a Muppit designed in his own image.

David Grover Cause of Death

Grover was part of many rock bands including the famous Shenandoah which was directed by another local musical legend, Arlo Guthrie.

As a child entertainer and young people, he was a bright ray of sunshine on a Saturday morning for those who saw his live shows in the Town Hall Gazebo in Great Barrington as well as being the regular performer at many events for the community in the Berkshires.

The summer was Grover’s 40th anniversary of performing children’s shows starting at 10:30 a.m. Saturdays in July and August in the pavilion.

Grover who, in recent years lived in Lee was called Mister Rogers, James Taylor, Paul Simon and Raffi However, his style was his own.

In 1989, he launched “Grover’s Corner,”” an PBS television program that teaches kids about musical. The show led to being the subject of the PBS Special “Chanukah on Grover’s Corner,” a show that aims to teach kids of all religions about the ancient Jewish celebration of lights. Both PBS shows were honored with numerous prizes and honors, including an Gabriel Award from the National Association of Catholic Broadcasters, an Iris Award, and an Emmy nomination for Best Children and Youth Special.


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