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Day by day increasing Corona Virus victims. Many Medicine Expert trying to make a drug for preventing Coronavirus. But the maximum time they got the fail results. Today We will share the good news about Corona Virus medicine related.

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In the meantime, many rumors are being heard in the media. One video about the discovery of corona virus drugs has gone viral. Recently, the local TV channel Jamuna TV published a news. The news shows that the discovery of corona virus drugs is being discussed.

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Arsenic Albo Thirty is a Homeopathic medicine that is the key point of discussion right now in Bangladesh. Homeo Doctors claim that this medicine is very fruitful to lessen the symptoms of Coronavirus. Till now it is applied to 1.5 lakh patients. They also claims that it is beneficial to their disease. Our colleague Riaz Raihan talks to its users, producers & Homeo Practitioners.

This is the latest news about coronavirus. We hope everyone got this concept very clearly. Thanks.


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