7 important App, that can help to trace Coronavirus

Nowadays, pandemic Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) expands worldwide. Every country is worry about this dangerous coronavirus. All countries try to protect their people from coronavirus. But it is so difficult, currently, it expands everywhere. Many countries break down heavily for this COVID-19, but they still trying to protect themself from this coronavirus. Every country announces everywhere to use mask & always wash your hand, and don’t go outside without any emergency. Cause, it will become more dangerous, if people go outside, and touch each other people.

Corona App Download

The Coronavirus expands from one person’s body to another person. So, if you touch a coronavirus patient or get close about under 3 feet, then you can be affected by a coronavirus. That’s why every countries government said that stay home to stay safe. In this modern Technology time, the Bangladesh republic creates a Corona tracing app, which is helpful to get alert for the coronavirus patient. Worldwide Coronavirus cases detect 15,123,139, and total death 620,306, and total recover 9,128, 797 (till Today Report).

7 Corona App Name & it’s the benefit

Bangladesh made 7 coronaviruses tracing app. It is a piece of good news for the Bangladesh people. The various organization creates this coronavirus tracing app, and the government also create one. The name of the 7 coronaviruses tracing app is CoronaBD App, Corona Identifier, Corona Info, Palao Corona, Central Delivery Worker Verification App, Corona Tester App, ObhaiShebaTM. Every app works in various ways. So, let’s talk about the 7 coronaviruses tracing app fully.

CoronaBD App

The app is prepared by the government organization such as Directorate General of Health Services, Ministry of Health, and Family Welfare. And also, the Non-government help them to create this CoronaBD App. It can help you to trace the coronavirus patient, and many more benefits you can get from this app.

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Corona Identifier App

This Corona Identifier app is creating by Posts and Telecommunications Divison. You can able to see, where is the Corona effect very much. And also, it will help you in many ways.

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Corona Info App

The Corona Info App is made by the EEE department student, University of Chittagong. It is a self-reporting app. You can easily get the latest update about the COVID-19. Corona Info app is very useful to get news about coronavirus.

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Palao Corona App

A group of people made this Palao corona app, which helps you to get coronavirus caution. And it will give you about coronavirus latest information.

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Central Delivery Worker Verification App

Central Delivery Worker Verification app is creating access to information organization(a2i). It is very useful app, you can get every news about COVID-19.

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Corona Tester App

Corona Tester App is made by Tappware Solutions Ltd. By using this app, you can check your corona danger. And also, you will get information about how to protect from the COVID-19, and how to treatment over a COVID-19 patient. You can protect you around people by telling them about the coronavirus, and for this work, the Corona tester app will help you.

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ObhaiSheba TM App

The ObhaiSheba app is giving transport service for the COVID-19 patient. A corona patient can use their car service from 7 AM to 10 PM. At the present time, this service is active in Dhaka city & Chittagong city. By using this app you can going any hospital, and you can call their helpline to book the ride. The ObhaiSheba app helpline number is 16633.


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