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Corey Haim Net Worth 2021- Height, Salary, Weight, Biography & Age

Corey Haim net worth or real worth is estimated at approximately five hundred thousand dollars. Corey Haim was born in Scarborough, North Carolina. He is one of four children of Zebedee Haywood and Ida Lynn Parks. Corey Haim grew up in Toronto, Canada. He has also made a fortune from his various acting career starting out as an extra in movies and television dramas before being cast as a main actor in such successful films as Pleasantville, Minority Report, The Perfect Storm, Bridget Jones Diary, The Blind Side, The Informant! and many more.

Corey Haim Net Worth

Corey Haim Net Worth is  $1M-$5M

Corey Haim as an actor is said to have originated from Toronto. He is one of the few child actors in movie history that has made it big in Hollywood, Canada. Haim’s career began when he was just fifteen years old in the film Pleasantville. After graduating form high school, Corey Haim went on to play different characters in such movies as The Lost Boys, Cape Fear, Edward Scissorhands, puberty, and more.

Corey Haim  Full Biography

Full Name Corey Haim
Net Worth  $1M-$5M
Date of Birth 1971–2010
Age 38 Years
Contact Number Unknown

Corey Haim has been quoted as saying that he is not the same handsome young man that he was when he was in high school. It is said that Corey Haim went through a tough childhood growing up in Canada. As a child, Corey Haim often stayed home with his grandmother, mother and father. This has caused him to grow up very deeply concerned with his early life. Corey Haim’s early life therefore is being chronicled and discussed by many people who follow him.

Corey Haim Canadian tv actor is making quite an impact in Hollywood. There are actually quite a lot of people that believe that Corey Haim is not only an excellent actor, but also an exemplary human being. Corey Haim’s devotion to his family, friends and fans are very well portrayed in the press reports that follow him around. Corey Haim’s devotion to his fellow man is what has helped him build a solid network of supporters in the Canadian entertainment industry.

Corey Haim’s net worth continues to rise. In 2021, Corey Haim was nominated for an Academy Award for his role as Fiddler II in the film adaptation of his own novel. Corey Haim went on to star in the successful film version of Rent. Another good turn in his career was his starring role as Donner in the latest film, Stonecut.

Corey Haim is currently being sought after to play a role in the new M.A.S.H. series. Other projects that he is currently involved with include the remake of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and the production of The Pursuit of Happyness. As a young artist, Corey Haim is certainly on the rise and is soon going to embark on more successful years acting and creating more in demand films.


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