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Clyde Alves Net Worth 2021- Income, biography & Salary

Clyde Alves is a famous Canadian television actor. His real name is Frank Lopez and he went to college in Washington State and then worked for the CIA in Mexico. He then went to Broadway and did a lot of movies and went back to Hollywood, where he starred in some more successful films. Clyde Alves trivia will show that Alves has a net worth of around sixty million dollars. Here are some details about Clyde Alves and how much he makes.

Clyde Alves Net Worth

Clyde Alves Net Worth is $.1 Million to $5 Million Approx

Clyde Alves trivia will show that this Canadian actor has been married three times and had three children. His first marriage was to Vivienne Jackson, a French woman who was in her thirties at the time. Clyde Alves married again in a less traditional way to actress Susan Sarandon, who was in her forties at the time. They were married for nine years. Clyde Alves biographers have described his third marriage to actress Pamela Anderson at the time as “a love story far more satisfying than either of his previous marriages”.

Clyde Alves Full Biography

Full Name Clyde Alves
Net Worth $.1 Million to $5 Million Approx
Date of Birth January 4, 1980
Age 41 Years
Contact Number Unknown

Here is an interesting bit of information about Clyde Alves. Clyde Alves was born in Puerto Rico and came to Canada as a young child. His birth sign is Leo and he has never wavered in that area of his life. The other two signs that have been mentioned about Clyde Alves are Capricorn and Aquarius.

Here is another interesting fact about Clyde Alves, his net worth and his income. Clyde Alves has said that his income as an actor is just enough to support his family of six. His income is not high enough to include his dependents in his income. His dependents total about three hundred dollars in monthly expenses.

Clyde Alves average monthly income of about eight hundred dollars a month. This is not very much considering the fact that he has thirty-two children. If one of the children dies, then Clyde Alves will have to pay the funeral expenses, plus the cost of the flowers that were ordered for the funeral. Also, his mortgage and auto payments would also be affected by his net worth.

Clyde Alves biography was an interesting one. You can learn a great deal about his character, his net worth, his family and his relationships from this biography. Check out the biography of Clyde Alves and see if it fits with your expectations regarding this well-known character.


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