Chris Caserta Cause of death

Chris Caserta Cause of death- What Happened with him?

Chris Caserta Cause of death- What Happened with him? The heartbroken family of missing jockey Chris Caserta has been told the devastating news that he has not survived a late-night swim on the Gold Coast.

A massive air and sea search involving water police, life guards and surf lifesavers has been under way for well-known jockey Caserta who has been missing after a late night swim at Surfers Paradise on Wednesday.

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Chris Caserta Cause of death

Police confirm Caserta’s death. Searchers have been combing the ocean on jet skis and the shoreline on ATVs, while the surf rescue helicopter has been conducting an aerial search. However, police confirmed there is no prospect that Caserta has survived.

Senior-Sergeant Jay Notaro, of Gold Coast water police, said he had the “heartbreaking job” to tell Caserta’s parents in Victoria that it was no longer a search and rescue mission.

“We’re searching for Chris’s body as the timeframe for survival has passed,” he said. “It is an absolute tragedy at any time but particularly just before Christmas. We’ll continue the search and our goal is to return Chris to his family.”

What Happened?

The rescue helicopter as well as lifesavers on jet skis patrolled for some time (on Wednesday night) but were unable to locate (Mr Caserta),” Mr McEwan said.

“As far as we know they went for a swim and some people on the esplanade heard a woman screaming and went in after her. But they were unable to locate him.

“The surf conditions looked OK just from the beach, but we’re aware of some significant undertows in that area from time to time which would have made it challenging for anyone out trying to rescue someone.”

The search is reportedly being hampered by gusty winds and murky water caused by heavy rainfall this week.

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