Chris ayres Cause of death- how did chris ayres die?

Christopher Owen Ayres, an American stage actor, voice actor and stage director, was a fight director, ADR director and stage director. He also worked as a scriptwriter on several Japanese anime series, including OkraTron 5500, New Generation Pictures, Funimation and previously Seraphim Digital/Sentai Filmworks.

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Chris ayres Cause of death

Chris Ayres has passed away at 56. Krystal laPorte, an actor, shared the news on Twitter. Ayres passed away October 18th, surrounded by his family and loved ones. LaPorte sent an emotional message saying, “Chris loved everyone.” The vast majority of our conversations were filled with his love for other people. Thank you to all of you who loved him back.

You, all of you, who kept in touch and reminded him of how much he loved you, were the fuel for his fight. Your dreams of a bright future kept him going for longer than any other person.

how did Chris ayres die?

Ayres was diagnosed in 2017 with end stage cardio obstructive lung disease and has openly shared updates about his health on social media including hospital stays and surgeries. Although LaPorte didn’t specify a cause of death in her statement, she did mention those health problems.



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