CCTV footage: 8 people shot and 16 injured in Brooklyn subway station

BROOKLYN, NEW YORK SUBWAY SHOOTING: 5 people shot and 13 injured in Brooklyn subway station.
The incident happened on a subway line that runs through south Brooklyn in a neighborhood about a 15-minute train ride to Manhattan.
The police were seeking a man in a worker’s vest and gas mask. The man was spotted throwing a device in the Brooklyn subway station and then opened fire, law enforcement sources told NBC New York.
The city’s police department said there are no active explosives at this time and urged members of the public to stay away from the area.
All schools in the nearby Brooklyn area are on a “shelter in” order, which means no one is allowed to leave the building, and only students are allowed in, a Department of Education spokesperson explained.
Video by Issac Abraham

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Watch CCTV footage

VIDEO: this cell phone video appears to show the aftermath of this morning’s subway shooting in Brooklyn.
@nbcnewyork: a man wearing a gas mask and orange construction 🦺 vest shot at least 5 people and injured several others at the 36th Street subway station.
You can see passengers rushing to get out of the smoke-filled subway car and injured passengers laying on the floor.

Brooklyn subway station full video

The suspect is still on the loose.
@nypd: there are no active explosive devices at this time.
It’s too soon to say the t-word. But as a native New Yorker, it’s the first thought that passed through my mind.


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