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Bruce MacVittie cause of death. How did he die?

A co-founder of the Naked Angels troupe in New York, he was a familiar face in Off Broadway theater, in movies and on TV, often playing tough guys with tormented souls.

Bruce MacVittie, one of New York City’s quintessential character actors, who made his Broadway debut in David Mamet’s “American Buffalo” opposite Al Pacino in 1983 and was a mainstay on Off Broadway stages for over 40 years, as well as a familiar face on television and in film, died on May 7 in Manhattan. He was 65.

His wife, Carol Ochs, confirmed the death, in a hospital, but said the cause had not been determined.

Cause of death

Bruce MacVittie cause of death

However, some other users are asserting that Bruce suffered a fatal cardiac arrest that claimed his life. Nonetheless, nothing has been confirmed officially, so would be unsuitable to pick a particular side. We have to wait for the authentic confirmation made by any significant personality or information source. Some of the vital faces are expressing their grief on the distressing events of Bruce’s death.

One of his close ones and the franchise producer of Legislation and OrderWarren Leight left a sad note on the Internet appreciating the actor as a “trustworthy actor and man”. Along with him Bruce’s best friend Rob Morrow also paid his tribute to his friend on Twitter.


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