Bodybuilder George Peterson cause of death | How did he die

Bodybuilder George Peterson died on October 6, 2021, according to an announcement by Olympia LLC. The cause of Peterson’s death is unknown and no statement was released on any of his social media channels at the time of writing this article.

Peterson was preparing to compete in the men’s 212 categories at Mr Olympia in 2021, scheduled for October 10-10 in Orlando.

The world of bodybuilding was completely shaken by a completely unexpected mistake. Classic physique player George Peterson has died at the age of 37. For many years, Peterson was the mainstay of the bodybuilding industry, attending numerous shows, including four appearances at Olympia.

I studied classic physics 3 times before Before in 212 categories. He is expected to return to the big stage even at the Olympia Olympics this weekend, where he hopes to break the record for third place in every performance. Unfortunately, according to the Olympia Instagram page report, “The New” seems to have died tragically.

While writing this article, it is unclear what caused his death, but this article will be updated with more information on the development of this breaking news story.


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