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Big Sean Net Worth,2022,Income, Age, Height, Weight & Contact Number

Big Sean Net Worth And Assets Sean Michael Leon Anderson, also known as Big Sean, is an American rapper and rap artist, best known from the album’s Big Sean: Dynasty, Born Sinner, Man On The Moon: The End of the Day, and Take Me Big Sean III: Here Today. He is also known for his roles in films such as Man On The Moon, The Cable Guy, and The Mask. Big Sean’s net worth was estimated at over one million dollars by some sources. In 2021, Sean took home the Best Rap Song award at the Grammys, which put him at an all time high in the genre.

What is Known About Big Sean? Big Sean has been discussed in the media and is frequently mentioned as one of the most famous celebrities from early life. His parents are named Sean and Marymary, and Sean’s biological mother is believed to be Vietnamese. He was born in South Carolina and began going by the name Mike. According to some accounts, Big Sean started going by the nameizzle while still a teenager, and this was what gave him the name Big Sean.

 Big Sean Full Biography

Full Name Big Sean
Net Worth
$26 Million
Date of Birth March 25, 1988
Age 33 Years
Contact Number Unknown


Early Years A precocious child, Big Sean made his debut in the early 90s with the single “Elegance” off the 1994 album Big Sean: Biography. He gained rapid popularity in the hip hop community and had a number one hit the following year with the single “amins”. He was a member of the crew The Reeboks and fell out with DJ Pauly D. Though Big Sean’s career was relatively short lived, he was able to keep consistent music releases, and remain active in the hip hop industry up to the present. It was said that Sean Mcconaughey actually wanted to make more music after Big Sean’s sudden departure from Def Jam, but was declined.

Personal Life Sean Mcconaughey is married to actress Pamela Anderson and has two children. Sean Mcconaughey was arrested for DUI in 2021, which he plead guilty to, and was subsequently sentenced to two years probation, a fine, and an ignition immobilizer. His driving record was also expunged. The most notable celebrity endorsement deal of Sean Mcconaughey’s career came with the release of his song Recovery, from Virgin Records, where he was paid a reported $3.99 million. This was the second best rap song of the year, only behind Jay Z’s Magna Carta.

Other Rappers who have made mention of Big Sean include Eminem, 50 cent, and Capone. Eminem won the rap battle in the first round of the 2021 MTV awards, by rapping the hook on the song Lose Yourself. The song is considered one of the greatest singles of all time, and is currently at number twelve on the charts. 50 Cent was listed as the best selling rapper of all time with his hit series Get Rich. His other Big Sean net worth songs include Nothing About You, Beautiful, and Beautiful Now. His relationship with Pharrell Williams was particularly lucrative, because he produced her last album Man On The Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager.

Internationally, Sean has established several businesses. He is the owner of Big Sean Internet Gigs, a website which offers artists and small businesses opportunities to sell their products on the internet. Sean also owns G-8, an online educational institution based in Las Vegas. Sean Mcconaughey’s net worth will most likely continue to increase, as he continues to be involved in the rap industry, particularly with mixtapes and blogging.


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