Bert Newton Cause of Death ☠️ What happened with him?

It is a great loss to hear about the passing of Aussie iconic figure, Bert Newton. He was an entertainment legend and his work with Graham Kennedy was sensational. His hosting stints on GMA are particularly memorable for me.Rest well Bert You’re an icon. #BertNewton.

Australian TV iconic Bert Newton has dead after an extended battle with health – the cause. Australian TV iconic Bert Newton dies.Newton died on Saturday night at 83 following a lengthy battle with illness.

Bert Newton died

Australian entertainment legend Bert Newton has died, at the age of 83.

Veteran performer whose career spans stage, television and radio was killed tonight as she received palliative treatment in a private clinic in Melbourne.

Already, tributes have begun flooding in for the larger than life entertainer who underwent surgery to remove a portion of his leg below the knee.

Reporter from the entertainment industry Peter Ford, who is an old acquaintance of Newton announced the story on Twitter and said that Newton did not get “the final chapter he was due”.

Ford stated that he received a phone call from Newton’s wife Patti late at night, just around 9 pm.

Bert Newton Cause of death

Newton has been enthralled by radio since as a young child. The Brothers of Saint Joseph were aware of his talents and inspired him to create the radio dramas.On June 10 in 1950, the 11 year old Newton was first broadcast at first on the radio station 3XY.The program is the close friend to Peter.

“I was invited along with another child, and at the end, I was requested to join in,” Newton said.”I tried an old song called”I’ll string Together With You.”Unfortunately I didn’t know the lyrics that I was singing, therefore I sang ‘I’ll be with you’ around three times. The teacher interrupted me and said, ‘That’s great.’


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