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Bernard Behrens Net Worth 2021- Income, Biography & Salary

Bernard Behrens was born in Paris, France and is a versatile actor. He has been cast in a number of films including “The Thing,” “Sneakers,” and “Million Dollar Baby.” His other films include “Catch Me If You Can,” “Chokey Eagle,” “Reindeer Games,” “Titanic,” and “Water For Gas.” Bernard Behrens is best known for his role as Mike Weiss in the TV series “Heroes.” His other acting careers include “Dollars,” “The Thin Red Line,” “Xiaflixigbo,” “Empire” and “The Pirates of the Caribbean.”

Bernard Behrens Net Worth

Bernard Behrens Net Worth is $25 Million

Bernard Behrens net worth is not entirely clear. While he did once receive a large salary from Celine Dion’s album, it is unclear if this income came directly from her or not. Celine Dion is a woman of great taste, so it is not unlikely that she had some input on the creation of Bernard Behrens’ music. Regardless, Bernard Behrens has never achieved the same level of stardom that many of his peers have achieved. His income may not be substantial, but neither is his talent, and all three attributes can be seen in his work as an actor.

Bernard Behrens Full Biography

Full Name Bernard Behrens
Net Worth $25 Million
Date of Birth 1926–2012
Age 85 Years
Contact Number Unknown

Bernard Behrens was born in Paris, France and is a citizen of that country. It is unclear when exactly he was born, but he was born on September twenty first, in what is known as theember of the year sixteen ninety six. His official birth date is documented as being september twenty first, in the year sixteen ninety seven. The true birth date of Bernard Behrens is not clear from records at this time, but he does list his age as twenty one in his marriage documents.

Bernard Behrens was nominated for the Gemini Award for Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role, for his work in the movie “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” in which he starred alongside Joanna vomino, with whom he also worked on another previously undisclosed film. In this film, which was directed by Wes Anderson, Behrens played a vampire who had been turned into a werewolf. His other credits include “The Paper Boy” and “Cocktail”.

Bernard Behrens has achieved considerable success in both acting and directing, and he is well-known for his excellent work in television. Some of his television credits include “MacGyver” for which he received an Emmy Award for Outstanding Comedy Series, and “The Perfect Storm” for which he was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actor in a Comedy or Drama Series. Bernard Behrens is also known for his voice work, particularly on such series as The Billions, Gossip Girl, and The Cape. As a director, Bernard has directed three episodes of the hit American TV series Seinfeld.

Bernard Behrens Net Worth is based upon the real life story of the award-winning actor Bernard Behrens. His real life activities have been chronicled in biographies, novels, and his award-winning films. A famous character from the book and the movie of the same name, Bernard Behrens is an important and famous character in the world of actors and directors. It is clear that his career is both highly impressive and worthy of attention.


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