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Banglalink Internet Offer

Now, everyone browses the internet and explore everything online! But they need to connect with the internet. There are about 3 million active users of Banglalink. Users need to buy internet data packs to browse the internet. The users try to find the ideal data package but they did not find they’re desired! So, we have shared the latest Banglalink Internet Offer 2019. You should find the ideal internet offer from here below and take it.

There are a lot of data offers to wait for your action. There are different types of data packages like Banglalink Mini Internet Pack, Banglalink Medium Internet Pack, Banglalink Mega Internet Pack, and Banglalink Unlimited Internet Pack. You should take one of this pack to explore the information over the internet!

Banglalink Internet Offer 2019

Here we have shared all the New Banglalink Internet Offer 2019. You must follow our instructions before you take one of the data pack. Before buying any internet packs you should read the full internet data pack details to get the full information about that pack! The Banglalink Internet Offer of 2019 is listed here.

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Banglalink Internet Offer 2019

Banglalink Regular Internet Packs

Here we have shared all the latest Banglalink Regular Internet Pack 2019. You can take this offer by dialing or recharging. You should take the look at this article carefully!

Banglalink 17 Taka 1 GB


17 Take 1 GB Banglalink Internet Offer is now available. The offer data volume is 1024 MB and the price of this internet pack is only 17 Taka. The offer will be available for 24 hours (1 day) after the purchase! To activate the offer you have to recharge only 17 Taka or you can dial *5000*14# to make the purchase of this data plan.

9 MB 3 Taka

This is one of the most popular mini regular internet packs of Banglalink. One can take this internet pack only by spending 3 Taka. The mini pack is 9 MB pack and available for all users! The validity is 1 day (24 hours) of this 9 MB pack. The activation code number is *5000*513#.

Banglalink 3 GB 42 Taka

Banglalink has offered a good internet data pack for its users. The pack size is 3 GB and the price is only 42 Taka only. This offer will expire after 2 days of purchase. To take this offer you should recharge 42 Taka or simply dial *5000*42#.

13 Taka 50 MB of Banglalink

Now, users can take 50 MB data pack on my for 13 Taka. This is one of the popular mini data pack by Banglalink. It will be validated for 1 day (24 hours) after the purchase! If you want to take this offer you have to dial *5000*543#.
Bnaglalink Weekly Internet Offer
We have also collected the weekly internet data offers by Banglalink and listed it here! Take a look at it here below!

26 Taka 150 MB in Banglalink

Banglalink has another cool regular internet offer which is 150 MB. The offer can be taken by spending only 26 Taka. The validity of this internet offer is 7 days (1 week). To get activated of this offer you have to dial *5000*512#. You may take this offer and start using the pack.

250 MB 36 Taka Banglalink

The offer data pack volume is 250 MB. This offer can be taken for 36 Taka only. This offer validity is 7 days after the purchase! To activate this offer you have to dial *5000*501#. After purchasing it you will be able to browse the internet for 7 days limited to 250 MB.

Banglalink Monthly Internet Offer

We have gathered the most popular monthly internet data offers of Banglalink. You should look at these great offers and take these. We collected all this information from the Banglalink official website, and listed them in one place to help you!

250 MB 30 Days of Banglalink

This offer can be taken by anyone. The offer pack volume is 250 MB also but the expiration is a date is set for 30 days. It is a monthly MB pack offered by Banglalink. The cost is 47 Taka only. The activation code number is *5000*585#.

Banglalink 750 MB 119 Taka

To take this offer you have to cost about 119 Taka from your main balance account. The offer will be valid for 30 days. The data pack volume is 750 MB. To activate the offer you have to dial to *5000*503# number.

1.5 GB 209 Taka for Bnaglalink

By buying this pack you will get 1.5 GB of data and the validity is 30 days. You take this offer only by spending 209 Taka only! If you want to get this offer simply dial to *5000*581# code. This offer is available for all the Banglalink users.

399 Taka 3 GB in Banglalink

It is one of the best internet offers by Banglalink telecom company. The data pack has 3 GB of data available for use. The offer is validated for 30 days (a month). The offer will cost you about 399 Taka only. To activate this offer you must dial to *5000*599#.

Banglalink 5 GB 499 Taka

It is the best deal with Banglalink. It will be wiser if you take this offer. The offer data pack volume is 5 GB! The price is only 499 Taka for this 5 GB data! The offer will be validated for 30 days after the purchase! To purchase this data plan you should dial to *5000*508#.

25 GB 1799 Taka only for Banglalink

This is a mega data plan of Banglalink. This is like Banglalink unlimited data offer. The pack will expire after 30 days from the date you buy it. To purchase this plan you have to cost about 1799 Taka only. The activation code number is *5000*510#.

Banglalink Double Bonus Internet Data Offer

Here we have shared the latest Banglalink Double Bonus Data offer 2019! You may look into here to find your desired internet data package!

500 MB + 500 MB Bonus at 49 Taka

This pack data volume is 500 MB, with this offer you will also get 500 MB bonus! The data offer validity is 7 days. You have to cost 49 Taka to activate this offer. The activation number is *5000*588#.

Banglalink 1.5 GB + 1.5 GB bonus

The offer main data volume is 1.5 GB and with this offer, you will get 1.5 GB extra for free. The offer validation is also 7 days and the price of it is only 99 Taka. Dial *5000*799# number to activate the offer!

2.5 GB + 2.5 GB free in Banglalink

This is one of the best data plans of Banglalink. The offer is mainly 2.5 GB and the other 2.5 GB is the bonus by the Banglalink telecom. The offer is valid for 7 days. The price of this internet data pack is 192 Taka. To activate the offer you must dial to *5000*577# code number!

Banglalink 3 GB + 3 GB Bonus

This offer will be validated for a month (30 days) also! The offer is 6 GB data, in this 6 GB, 3GB is the main internet balance and the rest 3 GB is a bonus! So, users can use up to 6 GB data. The purchase rate is 399 Taka only! To use this pack dial *5000*599#.

10 GB 499 Taka Banglalink offer

This offer can also be used for 30 days after the purchase! The offer can be purchased only at 499 Taka! In this 10 GB, 5 GB is main data pack and the rest of 5 GB is given for free! To avail this offer simply dial to *124*50#.

Banglalink Free Data Offer 2019

We are sharing here the Banglalink Free MB Offer 2019! You can also use free data with your Banglalink SIM card!

But we are sorry that we didn’t found any offers for free at this moment! Banglalink is currently not offering any free data pack. So, seeking for it will be silly!

Banglalink Unlimited Internet Pack 2019

The Banglalink Unlimited Data 2019 is listed here! Banglalink has unlimited data plans in their offers! We had listed here unlimited data plans before but now those offers are not available right now!

If we find any new unlimited data plans offered by Banglalink, we will list it here as soon as possible. So, stay with us to get the latest unlimited data package offers of Banglalink on our website! You can take the Mega Banglalink Internet Data Pack of 2019.

Banglalink Night Packs 2019

We also have the Banglalink Internet Night Pack 2019 on our website. We removed some night packs of Banglalink that are no more available! We also didn’t find any new Banglalink Night Data Pack 2019. If e find any we will list here in no time!

Banglalink New Internet Offers 2019

So, the New Banglalink Internet Offer 2019 is already listed on our website above! All the latest internet data packages are already listed. So, swipe or scroll up to check those data plans once!

Thanks for looking at the Banglalink Internet Offer from our website! You can also know the GP Internet Offer, Robi Internet Offer, Airtel Internet Offer, etc. from our website! Keep visiting us to get the latest update!

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